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Because these materials are so readily available, I don t repeat their content in this book, reserving the space instead for usage recommendations and examples. I recommend that you download the PDF reference and refer to it as a supplement to this book.
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usual to classify semileptonic weak reactions according to what happens in the hadronic part of the transition. For example,
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Load the tape containing the movie footage in the camcorder. Choose the starting point if necessary:
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You can remove actions from the transition by selecting them and clicking the trashcan icon at the bottom of the panel.
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Sometimes you may prepare a spreadsheet that requires users to enter values. The values entered may need to be restricted to specific items or according to some criteria. The way to access the data validation facility is to click Data Validation from the Excel menu. In terms of restricting the data that can be entered into a cell, you have a variety of options. These include choosing whole numbers, decimals, date, time, and text length. For each of these you can choose values between, not between, equal to, not equal to, greater than, less than, greater than or equal to, and less than or equal to a given minimum or maximum number. Additionally, you can choose a custom formula or a list. I show both of these. If, for instance, you are entering a series of values on expenditures, you may want to limit the individual amount to the maximum available balance or credit limit. This amount is dependent upon all your previous entries. You can use a custom formula to set this. The ch07_03SimpleValidation.xls file shows how (see Figure 7-4).
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As An and thus DE,,increase, this simple model fails to account for all the important phenomena, especially the dropoff of the illumination as light propagates deeper into the hologram, and the multiple reflections of the diffracted light. The next level of complexity was provided by the analysis of the coupled wave model by Herwig Kogelnik in 1969 . The result shows that as the modulation, An, further increases, the diffraction efficiency stops growing so quickly, and eventually rolls over to approach asymptotically its maximum value of unity. The analytical expression for the diffraction efficiency includes the hyperbolic tangent function, tanh(x):
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1. Open the database from which you want to create a Web page. 2. Use Finds and related procedures to select the desired records. 3. Using the Records Sort Records command, sort the records in whatever order you like. 4. Choose File Export Records. The Export Records to File dialog appears, as shown in Figure 20-7.
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If you want to remove the selection and paste it into another part of the movie, Ctrlclick or right-click and choose Cut instead of deleting the selection. Move the mouse
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Button instance, and open the Actions Panel. Change the code to the following (note that the indicates a continuation of the same line of code; do not insert this character into your actual code):
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The previous query generates all the possible one-way rules. This section discusses methods of evaluating them, by calculating support, confidence, and lift. The idea is similar to the calculation for an individual rule, but the details are quite different. Figure 9-8 shows the dataflow diagram for the computation. The query starts by generating all the possible rules using the Rules subquery, which also calculates NUMLHSRHS. The challenge is to calculate NUMLHS, NUMRHS, and NUMORDERS for each rule. NUMLHS is the number of times that the left-hand side appears in an order. This is simply the number of orders containing the product in the left-hand side. The query that calculates this is:
Figure 8.5 gives an implementation of this algorithm in Java. In this version, every process maintains two vectors. These two vectors simulate the queue used in the informal description given earlier. These vectors are interpreted at process as follows:
12-3.1.4 Coalescence Mechanisms in Mixing Flows. As explained previously, coalescence between colliding drops occurs when the lm of continuous phase uid separating them thins to a critical thickness during contact. Once the critical thickness is reached, a hole opens up which enlarges rapidly, resulting in coalescence and internal drop mixing. Sometimes the combination is so rapid that internal pressures cause satellite drops to be ejected from opposite ends of the newly formed oscillating drop. If the force holding drops in contact is brief and insuf cient drainage occurs, coalesce will not take place. The approach forces needed to bring about lm drainage can be hydrodynamic, hydrostatic, or physicochemical. As discussed above, hydrodynamic forces are bought about by shear (laminar or turbulent) and are of nite duration. Such forces can be intense but are de nitely not constant during drop contact. Forces can also be due to gravity acting on density differences between the drops and the continuous phase. Gravitational forces are constant and are of long duration. They control coalescence times for drops approaching settled layers. The lm thinning mechanism still applies even though there is no critical time beyond which departure occurs. The time for an emulsion or suspension to settle completely can be quite long, particularly if the phases have similar densities or if interfaces contain surfactants, repulsive charges, or impurities. Solid surfaces, particularly those easily wetted by the dispersed phase, can be major collectors of drops. In the case of a rotating impeller, drops collect and coalesce on blade surfaces to form a condensed lm. As this lm grows in thickness, it ows under centrifugal forces to the impeller tips and disperses into tiny drops. This process is similar to the breakup of a cylindrical liquid jet. A lm of dispersed phase can also collect on free surfaces, baf es, tank walls, and the impeller shaft, where the surface vortex meets the shaft. In the case of emulsion and suspension polymerization, coalescence also leads to fouling of heat transfer surfaces. Electrostatic forces are used in electrostatic precipitators to coalesce aqueous brine from crude oil. Fibrous beds are used to coalesce owing drop suspensions where bers are chosen that will be wetted by the dispersed phase. As the drop suspension is forced through the bed, drops coalesce and build up a wet layer on the bers. This layer continues to thicken until drag forces caused by the ow result in break-off. The departing drops, however, are much larger than the incoming drops, so the device achieves its desired function. Centrifuges amplify gravitational forces. The cream separator is a good example. 12-3.1.5 Practical Classi cation of Coalescing Systems. While it has been stated repeatedly that coalescence is highly complex and that scale-up is dif cult, not all liquid liquid systems are complex. A simple way to characterize
1. In the Document window, select the static placeholder text to be replaced by the dynamic data. 2. From the Bindings panel, expand your recordset or other data source until the desired field or dynamic element is displayed. 3. Drag the dynamic data from the Bindings panel and drop it on the selected text.
As we expected, a 4K-by-8 single-port block RAM is inferred and two block RAMS are used to realize the circuit. 11.4.2
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