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Washout Function
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The power numbers of several other commonly used impellers under turbulent conditions are given in Table 6-4.
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The second set of information that you will need to organize includes the site elements and objects. All site objects should be composed as AutoCAD blocks. AutoCAD blocks are like SketchUp components; they are a bundle of linework composed as a single entity of information. Editing a block affects all similar blocks. As reviewed in 16, AutoCAD blocks automatically convert to components when they are imported into SketchUp. This allows the previous 2D block to be swapped with a 3D SketchUp representation of the object, quickly populating a model with site elements and vegetation. If an object (or set of objects) is not a block, redraft it as a block. For example, if there is linework that represents pedestrian lights but they are not blocks, create a new block to represent the pedestrian light. Then copy the new block over the current linework that symbolize the pedestrian lights. See Creating AutoCAD Blocks, below, on how to generate new blocks.
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Creating a new aggregator with a Bayes classifier is only half the battle, though. As mentioned earlier, this aggregator only produces static HTML pages, so you need something to handle the interactivity of feedback given on feed entries displayed. That s where this next CGI program comes in handy. If you re viewing the pages produced by the aggregator on a Web server, you re probably all set to start using this program. If not, you may want to check out how to get CGIs working on your local machine or remote Web server. Short of building a full-blown standalone GUI application, this is the easiest way to build a simple user interface to your new browser-based Bayesian feed aggregator. But, if you are not easily able to get this up and running, it ll still be instructive to see how to enable training to complete the feedback loop. Take a look at Listing 15-12 for the start of ch15_bayes_mark_entry.cgi.
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3: Setting InDesign Preferences
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Object Fundamentals
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Fonts come in various formats, with each format having advantages and disadvantages over other formats. Fonts fall into the following categories: bitmap fonts, PostScript fonts (Type 1), TrueType fonts, OpenType fonts, and Multiple Master fonts.
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Scripting in Depth
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tWe choose the vacuum to lie on the u-axis so that the vacuum state does not violate parity ( n is a Lorentz scalar but 7r is a pseudoscalar).
Document presets and the New Doc Sizes.txt paper-size file can be shared as well. You can save and load document presets (filename extension .dcst) using the Document Presets dialog box. To share paper size definitions, copy the New Doc Sizes.txt file from the Page Sizes subfolder in the InDesign application folder s Presets subfolder on the computer containing the desired definitions to the same folder on other computers InDesign applications folders.
You can also set standards mode by declaring a doctype for XHTML or HTML 4.01 strict.
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