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Any new paths recorded with the same AP element are added after the last animation bar. You can t select a keyframe in the middle of a path and then record a path from that point; the starting keyframe of the newly recorded path corresponds to the position of the AP element in the last keyframe.
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Part VI
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3. Create a new document based on the master template by following these steps: a. Choose File New to open the New Document dialog box. b. Select the Templates category. c. Make sure the current site is selected in the Templates For list. d. Select the desired master template from the Template list. e. Click Create. 4. Save the newly created document as a template. By saving a template-derived document as a template, a nested template is created. 5. In the nested template, make any changes needed within the editable regions. These changes are locked in any document based on the nested template. 6. Add any desired template regions (editable, repeating, or optional) within the existing editable regions from the master template. When the first editable region is inserted in the nested template, the editable regions from the master template turn orange to differentiate them from the new regions. 7. After you ve finished adding the desired template regions to the nested template, save the file.
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After the variables are defined, you can move on to the functions. The first function is responsible for populating the file list combo box.
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GetAsText (currentAge)
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Rotating an object is similar to scaling it. Select the Free Transform tool and select the Rotate and Skew modi er in the Options area. Grab one of the corner tabs and drag in either clockwise or counterclockwise direction. The oval should now be upended (see Figure 19-12).
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Figure 11-17: After the edges are blurred, it s hard to tell where one image stops and another starts.
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channel carrying the packet data is informed by higher layer signalling on the supplemental channel. Thus, the operation is similar from the conceptual level but the WCDMA resource-sharing process is more dynamic on a 10 ms frame basis. cdma2000 Network Architecture and Operation From the radio access network architecture point of view, there is no speci cation adopted for the radio access network architecture. Depending on the vendor, the level of functionality in the base station will vary and in some implementations the base station can be connected even directly to the mobile switching centre (MSC) while in some other cases there exists a RNC type of entity. There are no open interfaces between different network elements as in WCDMA. The network design is also based on the use of synchronised base stations. Terminals have been designed accordingly to search for the different base stations with identical timing but different code phase. The timing element needs to be accounted for in the network planning process. cdma2000 Downlink Packet Data Evolution The evolution of cdma2000 packet data operation is using similar methods as those used in EDGE or WCDMA evolution, such as higher order (adaptive) modulation methods or the combining of retransmissions with hybrid ARQ (HARQ) and faster scheduling based on the FB from the terminal. In the rst phase, 1X-EV-DO (DO = data only), already deployed in Korea during 2002, requires packet data to be operated on a separate carrier but the next version, 1X-EV-DV (DV = data and voice), is expected to allow packet data to be combined with speech on the same carrier like in EDGE or WCDMA HSDPA. The target peak data rate of 1X-EV-DV is around 3 Mbps, whereas in WCDMA HSDPA the peak rate targeted is around 10 Mbps.
You can also install an extension from within Dreamweaver by following these steps: 1. Choose Commands Manage Extensions to open the Extension Manager. 2. Choose File Install Extension or use the keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+I (Command+O). Alternatively, Windows users can also select the Install New Extension button. The Select Extension to Install dialog box opens. 3. In the Select Extension dialog box, locate the desired .mxp file on your system and choose Install. The legal disclaimer is presented. 4. Select the Accept button to continue with the installation or Decline to cancel it.
Figure 6.37. HR channel mode impact on MOS performance
Part I: Exploring
Any number of statements can go below each Case statement, and they all get executed if the case is true.
Listing 15-4: (Part 4 of 4)
Copying and reusing data
Searching for Feeds with Syndic8
4. Adjust the Blur Radius slider to specify the intensity of the effect. The more blur you add, the more depth you add to your image. Generally, a blur radius of between 1 and 2 creates a depth effect without destroying the edges of the elements in the image. Click OK when you re done.
Creating symmetrical patterns
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