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Do not attempt to use string values (such as 0xFF0000 ) with the color property. If you have a string representation of a hexadecimal value that you want to use with the color property, convert the string expression into a number value using the parseInt() function.
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Recording Software Instruments and Real Instruments
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1: How Can I Best Enjoy Music and Videos in iTunes
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With the exception of Make Faces, all the scripts cost between $10 and $20 (USD). They are worth the investment and have been tested to work with SketchUp 7. Once they are installed into SketchUp, most of the scripts are located under the Plugins pulldown menu (Fig. 18-20). The Make Faces script is located under the Tools pull-down menu (Fig. 18-21). If you really want to work with AutoCAD files, these scripts are a must. The design professions are driven by contract and billable hours. Most site plans and other drawings are drafted in AutoCAD as part of widely accepted design process. Using this method and scripts allows you to quickly create site plans and building models. In some cases, the creation of a Flatwork Base can be done in minutes. The basic premise of using these scripts is to select all the edges of the imported AutoCAD file and apply the scripts in order.
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See 5 for details on how the shuffling controls work, as well as for more information about sections and the Panel Options dialog box. 31 covers flattening in more detail.
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<mx:series> <mx:PieSeries field= sales labelFunction= getWedgeLabel labelPosition= callout explodeRadius= {explodeSlider.value} /> </mx:series> </mx:PieChart>
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Bevel and Emboss Bevel and Emboss Bevel and Emboss Blur Blur Blur Blur Blur
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3. Push/Pull the vertical bottom faces
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Figure 3.14. Radio QoS functional blocks coordination
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Effect of a single segment loss during file download on a 128-kbps DCH in WCDMA
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As previously mentioned, polygon slices exist only within Fireworks. When you export your document, Fireworks uses your polygon slices as a guide in creating more complex rectangular slices. Polygon slices can be any shape just like Polygon hotspots as shown in Figure 20-12.
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The CSS Background options give you a much wider range of control over background images and color.
Figure 7.39 Implications of (PPG)10 interaction with Hsp47: (a) Endpoint of CD titration binding experiment (see Figure 7.38d) illustrating the change in (PPG)10 CD spectrum in the presence and absence of Hsp47. (b) Repeat of CD titration binding experiment (see Fig. 7.38d) in buffer at different pH. (c) Ribbon display of Hsp47 to show histidine residue clusters (ball and stick representation) for protein engineering. These are breach (yellow), gate (green) and shutter (pink) clusters. (d) Ribbon display of Hsp47 to show tryptophan residues (ball and stick surface representation, purple) for protein engineering (illustrations a) and b) are adapted from Dafforn et al., 2001, Figs. 4b and 4d respectively; c) and d) are from Homma et al., 2008).
Options: Specify source file Select Specify source file if you always want the script step to insert the same QuickTime item at every invocation. If you do not specify a file as a step option, a standard file dialog appears when the step executes. Use normal navigation techniques to select the drive and/or folder in which the QuickTime item is stored. For Insert QuickTime to work, a Container field must be selected before the step is executed by clicking or tabbing into the field before executing the script or by adding a Go to Field script step specifying the Container field. The QuickTime software must also be installed and enabled. See also: Go to Field, Insert Picture, Insert Object (Windows), Insert File
<implMap> <mapping> <source <target </mapping> <mapping> <source <target </mapping> </implMap>
22-6.1 Changing Process Requirements
4: Getting Excel to Behave
When you think of your iMac, you probably think of the activities for which you use it: browsing the Web, making movies, listening to music. But no matter what you like to do with your iMac, you re certain to spend a great deal of time working with the Finder, the iMac Desktop where you organize all your files. In this chapter, you learn how to make the Finder work in a way that s best for you, with hidden Dock features, special folders that do some of your work for you; combinations of windows and programs that you can access anytime with a click; and more.
Fran Berman,1 Geoffrey Fox,2 and Tony Hey3,4
Building a Document from Start to Finish
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