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Table B-2 Finder Shortcuts
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Then the divergence (on S ) of the axial current is (see Exercise 12.4b)
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Rays. Sets the number of rays, the longest ray length, and the fuzziness of rays. If you don t want rays, type 0 for the number of rays. Rings. Sets the distance of the path between a halo s center and the center of the farthest ring, the number of rings, the size of the largest ring, and the ring direction.
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Assessing technical support
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As you can see, the code is set up to look for the .jpg file extension. The strpos function is used to return the index or placement of the checked value, which in this example is .jpg. At first glance this seems pretty secure and should stop malicious uploading, but it doesn t. This code doesn t care where the file extension is, so you could have imagename.jpg.php as the filename and it will pass. Even worse, if this is for a publicly accessible photo gallery, that file can execute PHP freely because it is already on the server. The ability to execute arbitrary code becomes a great concern when the malicious user is able to place code directly on an unsuspecting server. Imagine an image being uploaded that is actually a PHP file with code such as the following:
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13 Arranging and Compositing Objects
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Examples of compound paths in use
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phenotype (the physical characteristics) of what species are missing in our world today, but existed millions of years ago. The Grid has a lot to do.
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Excel provides two ways to create macros: n Turn on the macro recorder and record your actions. n Enter the code directly into a VBA module. The following sections describe these methods.
RDX (Royal Dutch Explosive)
function drawing(e:MouseEvent):void { if(isDrawing) {, mouseY); } }
. . . . . . . .
One of the strongest arguments for using scripting is that it can help you avoid (or at least minimize) repetitive tasks. The more frequently a task is repeated, the more ideal a candidate it is for scripting. In particular, tasks that may need to be repeated many times over in quick succession (such as when you need to update a value on all records in a set) can be very time consuming, and a well-thought-out script makes it possible for you to save a lot of time. For this purpose, FileMaker s Loop command and the accompanying Exit Loop If and End Loop commands provide a convenient mechanism. In addition, several navigation script commands include an Exit After Last option that automatically terminates the loop when no more records remain. Using looping script sequences allows you to define a series of steps that are repeated until a defined condition is met. For example, to compile a countdown string of values in a text field, you could use the following:
Indexing myths exploded
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