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Figure 7-2 shows the chart for the monthly fee. This chart has two series; one shows the average monthly fee of the stopped customers, the other has the average monthly fee of active customers by tenure.
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14 Capturing and Importing
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FIGURE 5.16 Configuring a lookup to retrieve the cost price of items from the Inventory table.
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Cj;1 yj;1 Y5 ; for j = 1, add 2yj,1 times the 1st column of Y4 to
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Below the Layouts menu is the book icon. (See Figure 8-4.) In Browse mode, you use the book to navigate among records and select the next one you want to work with or view.
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Figure 2.5 Value proposition: less time spent on paperwork.
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RealMedia G2 Parameter Possible Values True or false (default) name, _master, _unique Description Tells RealPlayer to start playing as soon as Determines the console name for each control in a Web page that has multiple controls. Force controls on a page to refer to the same file by giving them all the same name. A value of _master links to all controls on a page, whereas _unique connects to no other instances. Enables the placement of individual control panel elements in the Web page. You can use multiple controls in one attribute or multiple <embed> tags to build a custom RealMedia interface. Suppresses the Title, Author, and Copyright labels in the Status panel. If you set nolabels to true, the actual data is still visible.
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The Twist dialog box
The pixelDissolve() method does just what it says: dissolves pixels. The method accepts the following parameters: sourceBitmap The BitmapData object from which you want to copy pixels. sourceRectangle A Rectangle object specifying the region of the source bitmap you want to copy. destinationPoint A Point object specifying the point in the destination bitmap at which you want to start placing the copied pixels. randomSeed A random number used by the Flash Player to run the pixel dissolve. The value ought to start at 0. Subsequently, the value ought to be the value returned by the previous call to the pixelDissolve() method. numberOfPixels The number of pixels to dissolve. The default is 1/30 of the total pixels. fillColor If you specify the destination as the source bitmap, it dissolves to a solid color. You can specify the color using the fillColor parameter with a number in the form of 0xAARRGGBB. The default is 0x00000000. The pixelDissolve() method dissolves the number of pixels specified by the numberOfPixels parameter from the source BitmapData object to the destination BitmapData object. It uses an algorithm to randomly select which pixels to dissolve. Therefore, it is possible that it could dissolve one or more pixels that have already been dissolved. However, the method returns a number that you can use in the next call to the method as the randomSeed parameter. If you do so, Flash will not dissolve a pixel that was already dissolved. That way you can ensure that every pixel will be dissolved within a specific number of calls to the method. The following example code illustrates how to use pixelDissolve(). It loads two images, copies them to BitmapData objects, and then uses setInterval() and pixelDissolve() to continually dissolve between the two images.
When you use Add to shape area, paths that don t overlap but are outside of other paths become part of a group. Illustrator draws paths between endpoints of open paths before it unites those paths with other paths. Compound paths remain compound paths.
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1. Select the target layer (where you want all the objects to end up) by clicking it. 2. Select the source layers (which contain the objects you want to move) in addition to the target layer. Shift+click, or +click or Ctrl+click, to add the source layers to the selection. 3. Make sure the target layer displays the pen icon and that the target and source layers are all selected. 4. Choose Merge Layers from the Layers panel s flyout menu. All objects on the source layers are moved to the target layer, and the source layers are deleted.
Sliding/Printing doesn t always work the way you d first expect. For example, the second line of a label layout might contain two merge fields, separated by a space: <<Work Address>> <Mail Stop>> Even though you might have set the Sliding left option, the space between the merge fields will force the second line to print in records that contain neither a work address nor a mail stop. You will either have to change the label layout (by putting the two fields on separate lines, for instance), or you can consider replacing the multifield line with a Calculation field: If(IsEmpty(Work Address) and IsEmpty(Mail Stop) , , Work Address & , & Mail Stop)
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