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ou can sometimes use a circular reference to your advantage. For example, suppose a company has a policy of contributing 5 percent of its net profit to charity. The contribution itself, however, is considered an expense and is therefore subtracted from the net profit figure. This produces a circular reference (see the accompanying figure). The Contributions cell contains the following formula:
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Part I The Fundamentals
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Other Useful Entities
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Finding file information
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Figure A-3: Browsers leave a line of space between paragraphs and align them according to the <p> tag s align attribute.
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We may formally define a charge as the spatial integral of the timelike component of a current 4-vector. That is, if J = ( J o ,J1,J2,J 3 ) is a 4-current, the associated charge Q ( t ) is
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The purpose of external functions is to allow installed, enabled plug-ins to exchange data with FileMaker Pro. All installed, enabled plug-ins that support external functions will automatically be listed in the External Functions category when you are creating or editing a calculation in FileMaker Pro. To enable or disable any installed plug-in, choose FileMaker Pro/Edit Preferences and click the Plug-Ins tab. Plug-ins written specifically for FileMaker Pro 7 and later define their own calling sequence and are invoked in the same manner as a native FileMaker Pro function. Plug-ins written for previous versions of FileMaker Pro (6 and earlier) continue to work but must be invoked as arguments to the External function. The function name is the first argument, and the second argument is a text string comprising the function s argument list (conventionally separated by pipe | symbols). As you ll note when viewing the list of external functions in the Specify Calculation dialog, only some plug-ins provide external function support.
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Other characteristics of MDS include the following:
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Match Case. Selects the characters only if they have the same uppercase and lowercase attributes as the characters you type in the Find text field Find Whole Word. Tells Illustrator that the characters you type in the Find text field are an entire word and not part of a word Search Backwards. Tells Illustrator to look before the current insertion point for the next instance of the characters, instead of using the default, which is to look after the current insertion point Check Hidden Layers. Instructs Illustrator to look in the text in hidden layers Check Locked Layers. Instructs Illustrator to look in the text in locked layers
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The window object is the top-level object for an XHTML document. It includes properties and methods to manipulate the user agent window. The window object is also the top-level object for most other objects. Using the window object, not only can you work with the current user agent window, you can also open and work with new windows. The following code will open a new window displaying a speci c document:
Cataloging library objects
Part V Cashing In on E-Commerce
The Concept of Data Relationships
Method of Analysis
Equally instructive were the maps showing the predicted route and, later, the actual route that the hurricane took. As successive hurricanes hit the Gulf Coast of the United States that fall, these maps became a vital method for individuals, companies, and government, emergency, and weather organizations to work out the probable location of landfall. With a visual representation of the actual or predicted location of the storm, individuals could easily identify, at a glance, where the storm would be at a later time. This made the other information (number of miles off the coast, the towns and cities being affected, and so on) easier to understand. A picture is worth a thousand words, which is why graphs and geographical data are combined in a variety of situations. Votes in elections, population data, plant and animal areas, even the migration routes and quantities of birds can all be described by marrying map data with the statistical information.
{=SUM(IF((Office= Oregon )+(Difference<0),1,0)*Amount)}
Check the Show Bar Only option to hide the numeric data and show just the data bar. The default setting for a data bar is to use Lowest Value for Shortest Bar and Highest Value for Longest Bar. However, you can change these settings by clicking the Type drop-down fields under Shortest Bar and Longest Bar. The other available types are:
9.11 Bayesian filtering assigns a value to each word encountered in your e-mail that reflects the likelihood of that word s being found in a spam message.
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