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3. Under Layers, choose Convert to Fireworks Objects in order to change the layers of the Photoshop document to Fireworks objects; check Share Layer Between Frames in order to share the Fireworks layer that contains your new objects across all the frames of your document. To distribute Photoshop layers to Fireworks frames instead, choose Convert to Frames. 4. Under Text, choose Editable to convert Photoshop editable text to Fireworks text objects. Choose Maintain Appearance to flatten editable text into Fireworks bitmap objects. You might want to flatten text when you know you won t need to edit it so that the appearance will be even closer to the original Photoshop document. You might also choose this option if you know you don t have the correct typefaces installed. 5. Check Use Flat Composite Image to ignore all the special attributes of the Photoshop document and import it as a single flat image, as though it were a TIFF. This provides the maximum similarity to the original Photoshop image, and is a good choice if you re only using Fireworks to optimize and export your Photoshop document. 6. Click OK when you re done. After your Import preferences are set, you re ready to import a Photoshop document, confident that it will be imported in the way that s most useful to you. To import a Photoshop document into a Fireworks document, follow these steps: 1. Choose File Import, or use the keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+R (Command+R). Fireworks displays the Import File dialog box. 2. Navigate to and select the Photoshop file that you want to import. Click Open when you re done.
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Appendix D WML 2.0 Speci cation
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The utility library samples enable you to see how to work with PSP system parameters, such as your preferences, network settings, and so forth. Two of the utility samples are as follows: SystemParam: Demonstrates how to read your system parameters, such as the nickname, time format, time zone, daylight savings time, system language settings, and so forth. NetConf: A good demonstration on how to access system parameters. This sample loads the list of network configurations saved on your PSP.
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A primary Spreadsheet report that returns the product category name, product name, product color, product safety stock level, product manufacturing days, and product stock reorder point information for a specified product color and product category. Two secondary Spreadsheet reports that automatically refresh when the Excel workbook is opened and feed their valid values for the product color and product category into the two parameter cells. Two parameters that trigger an automatic report refresh of the primary Spreadsheet report whenever one of their values are changed. A worksheet cell that calculates the average manufacturing days for the products in the primary Spreadsheet report.
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Character Entity ´ Æ æ À à Å å Ã ã Ä ä ¦ • Ç ç ¸ ¢ ♣ © ¤ ° ♦ ÷ É é Ê ê È è Ð ð
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$business = addslashes($_GET[ name ]); $sql = UPDATE users SET business= . $business . WHERE id= . $ID;
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The top field on the Character panel is called Set the font family. When you click the Set the font family field triangle, the list of fonts and how they look displays (that is, the fonts are displayed using actual characters from the font family). This also happens when you choose Font from the Type menu. You can change the font style by clicking the Set the font style field triangle. The options that appear are based on the current font that s selected typically, styles such as bold and italic appear here.
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4" drill bit 16" drill bit
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37: Managing File Uploads and Downloads . . . . . . . . . . . . . 743
Complex expressions can be used to show or hide optional regions.
A statement such as y = square(20); results in y having the value of 400 (20 squared).
Remote 2G or 3G Mobile Network
Konanur Manjunath, Shrikant Dhodapkar, and Karl Jacob
Screen readers are sometimes very complicated pieces of software. They are largely based on keyboard input, naturally to benefit the users. Understanding how they work, including the tabbing and keypress actions that are central to using them, can sometimes help your development in Flash. Therefore, it is a good idea to try out the software before or while you are developing your work. As mentioned earlier, there are only two products currently on the market that work with Flash Players. Because Macromedia is using MSAA technology, it is easier for third-party integration with the software. In time, you will probably see other MSAA-compliant screen readers support the Player. For now, take a look at what is already available.
Part II: Mastering Charts
Aligning and Distributing Objects
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