zxing barcode scanner java example Part II: Web Design and Layout Fundamentals in Java

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The code in Listing 28.13 is available in the Web site files as FlexEmailClient.mxml in the src folder of the chapter28 project. n
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Part II Using Core Classes
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Any changes that you make in a transformation dialog box when only the Patterns check box is clicked affect only the pattern, not the outside shape.
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For motionless mixers in laminar ow, the shear rate is higher. This and the extra surface area are what contribute to the higher pressure drop. Table 7-7 gives some
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The Drawing API is a set of MovieClip class methods that enable you to draw lines, curves, fills, and shapes with ActionScript. Scripted drawing enables you to create highly dynamic content. By creating and working with a custom DrawingUtilities class, you can simplify drawing shapes such as circles, rectangles, and regular polygons. You can work with the Drawing API to create fully scripted masks.
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Functions are a way of grouping together blocks of code that you can use again and again by calling them by name or reference. Functions can act as subroutines, or they can perform some algorithm and return a value. Functions can be named or anonymous. Each of these two types has different advantages and disadvantages. Using the arguments object created for a function, you can invoke a calling function, invoke an anonymous function recursively, and work with the arguments that have been passed to the function as an array rather than as separate variables. It is desirable to define generalized functions that can be used in many different contexts.
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Working with the Image Viewer
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One class can extend a class that in turn extends another. UML diagrams can be extended to describe these relationships as well. The UML diagram shown in Figure 1.3 describes a three-tier inheritance relationship between a superclass named Animal and subclasses named Dog and Poodle. In Figure 1.2, methods of the superclass Animal are inherited by the subclass Dog. Dog has additional methods and properties that aren t shared with its superclass and that can override the superclass s existing methods with its own implementations. The same relationship exists between Dog and Poodle. Because all versions of Animal sleep in the same way, calling Dog.sleep() or Poodle. sleep() actually calls the version of the method implemented in Animal. But because Dog has its own eat() method, calling Dog.eat() or Poodle.eat() calls that version of the method. And finally, because all dogs bark in a different way, calling Poodle.bark() calls a unique version of the bark() method that s implemented in that particular class.
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SELECT ssum.market, ssum.channel, (ssum.survdays*r.avgdaily) as yearrevenue FROM (SELECT market, channel, SUM(s.survival*numdays365) as survdays FROM (SELECT s.*, (CASE WHEN endtenure >= 365 THEN 365 tenure ELSE numdays END) as numdays365 FROM survivalmc s) as s WHERE tenure < 365 GROUP BY market, channel) ssum LEFT OUTER JOIN revenue r ON ssum.market = r.market AND ssum.channel = r.channel
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Extending Dreamweaver
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Table 21-3 Allowable Stresses for Shaft and Blade Design Shaft Design Tensile Stress Material Carbon steel Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel Hastelloy C Hastelloy B Monel 400 Inconel 600 Nickel 200 Carpenter 20 [psi] 9 000 304 9 600 304L 8 400 316 10 000 316L 8 700 13 200 14 300 9 200 10 300 7 300 11 100 Shaft Design Shear Stress Blade Design Stress [psi] 10 11 10 12 10 15 17 11 12 8 13 900 600 200 100 500 900 200 100 400 800 300 {N/m2 } 106 75.2 80.0 70.3 83.4 72.4 109.6 118.6 76.5 85.5 60.7 91.7
The disadvantage of this method is that only terminal alkenes give epoxides with high enantiomeric excess. For example, in microsomal aerobic epoxidation propene, trans-2-butene and 2-methyl-2-butene are transformed to the corresponding epoxides with 40%, 14% and 0% ee, respectively 50 Chloroperoxidase, however, was shown to be very effective in the epoxidation of cis alkenes 53 A one-step, metal-catalyzed direct hydroxyepoxidation [ene reaction under irradiation in the presence of triplet oxygen (see Section 9.2.2) and a transition-metal catalyst] to produce epoxy alcohols with high diastereoselectivities is a useful synthetic procedure 54
Slow fading correlation distance Slow fading standard deviation Carrier frequency Adjacent channel protection
Part I
4. Set this value in the Block category: Display: Block 5. Set these values in the Box category: Width: 140 pixels Padding-Top: 2 pixels Padding-Right: 2 pixels Padding-Bottom: 2 pixels Padding-Left: 5 pixels These values determine the width of the block and set the position of the text within it. 6. Set these values in the Border category: Style: Solid (for all) Width: 1 pixel (for all) Color: #CC9900 (for all) 7. When you re finished, click OK to close the CSS Style definition dialog. With the background image in place, the buttons are really beginning to take shape (see Figure 15-11).
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