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With traditional Web design, eyeballing it was the only option available for Web page layout. The absolute positioning capability of AP elements remedied this deficiency. Now online designers have a more precise and familiar system of alignment: the ruler. Dreamweaver s ruler can be displayed in several different measurement units and with your choice of origin point.
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When a project moves from one state to another, you can animate the change through a transition. Transitions are created on the Timeline (see Figure 10.8).
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14 Interactive Forms
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Using Flash Movies with JavaScript and DHTML
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When you deploy Flash applications in a web browser, you may want to be able to communicate with the container HTML page. You may want to call JavaScript functions from the SWF, and you may want JavaScript functions to be able to call functions within the SWF. That lets you make integrated applications, of which the SWF is just one component. The following sections take a look at the ways in which you can communicate between Flash and JavaScript.
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The position in the ciphertext where this pattern occurs, and Assuming the fragment corresponds to the crib, the resulting recovered letter substitutions & uV (zi j ), if uj is a vowel uj uC (zi j ), if uj is a consonant:
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Testing for a variety of displays
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Reuse 2/6 Reuse 3/9 Reuse 4/12
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Exporting a QuickTime file from iMovie HD 238 Exporting a QuickTime file from Final Cut 239 Preparing your photos for use in iDVD Preparing your iTunes songs for use in iDVD Preparing your GarageBand compositions for use in iDVD Saving a project with an iLife preview 241 Exporting a song to iTunes Adding Content to Your iDVD Project Adding a movie from the Media Browser 242 Adding a movie that isn t in the Media Browser Adding chapter markers to a movie Adding a slideshow Adding menus Editing drop zones Using motion in menus Customizing iDVD Themes Editing the text format Editing buttons Changing backgrounds and applying background music Saving custom themes 244 244 245 247 248 248 250 250 250 251 252 241 242 240 240 240
/images/products/w_wonder.gif /images/products/w_matic.gif /images/products/w_ultimo.gif
When you add a transition between two clips, iMovie automatically sets its duration to the time set on the Timings pane of the Project Properties dialog box. In most movie projects, different transitions (and different clips) need different lengths, so you ll probably want to treat the default duration only as a starting point. You can change the duration of a transition like this:
Postproduction: Working with Flash Video
Value Description
Putting Illustrator to Work
Activate the appropriate box and then select the rows or columns in the worksheet. Or you can enter these references manually. For example, to specify rows 1 and 2 as repeating rows, enter 1:2.
First, export the movie to a QuickTime file, as discussed in this section. Second, import the QuickTime file into iDVD, as discussed later in this chapter.
Here are some neat, combined mouse and keyboard shortcuts for creating, opening, and saving documents that do away with the need for the File menu okay, almost do away with it. New Ctrl+double-click in the program window. Open Double-click in the program window. Open As Alt+double-click in the program window. Save As Alt+Shift+double-click in the program window. Save a Copy Ctrl+Shift+double-click in the program window.
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