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Establishing Web Links
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These TemplateParam tags are used by Dreamweaver to identify the editable attributes and provide their types and default values.
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10.1. ELECTROPHILIC (ACID-CATALYZED) SUBSTITUTION 10.1.1. Substitution of Alkanes
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The observed states y form the ciphertext, The hidden states x form the plaintext, and q is the unknown monoalphabetic substitution.
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II. MDH (porcine) E.C. 4mdh (pdb)
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The final menu, the Help menu, offers access to Dreamweaver s excellent online Help, as well as special examples and lessons. Table 3-24 explains each of these useful options.
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|S12| (db)
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Because other programs formats are so different from InDesign s, and their capabilities differ as well, the chances of being able to import a foreign document and have it flawlessly convert to InDesign are small. Use this feature as the first step in the conversion process, but expect to spend time cleaning up the converted files by hand. n
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An MXML event listener uses an XML attribute where the attribute s name matches the name of the event being handled. For example, the Button control s click event uses an XML attribute that s also named click. The value of the XML attribute is an ActionScript statement that causes some action to take place.
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Table A-3: SQL Comparison Operators SQL OPERATOR EXPLANATION Equals the specified value Does not equal the specified value Is greater than the specified value
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5 Dads
then negotiates with the site schedulers that manage individual resources. We coin the term Computational Resource Broker (CRB) to denote this entity. In an Internet-scale distributed computing system, we can imagine a network of such brokers. In the I-WAY, one was suf cient. 4.5.1 Scheduler design The practical realization of the CRB concept requires the development of fairly general user-to-CRB and CRB-to-resource scheduler protocols. Time constraints in the I-WAY project limited what we could achieve in each area. On the user-to-CRB side, we allowed users to request access only to prede ned disjoint subsets of I-WAY computers called virtual machines; on the CRB-to-resource scheduler side, we required sites to turn over scheduling control of speci ed resources to the I-WAY scheduler, which would then use the resources to construct virtual machines. In effect, our simple CRB obtained access to a block of resources, which it then distributed to its users. The scheduler that was de ned to meet these requirements provided management functions that allowed administrators to con gure dedicated resources into virtual machines, obtain status information, and so forth and user functions that allowed users to list available virtual machines and to determine status, list queued requests, or request time on a particular virtual machine. The scheduler implementation was structured in terms of a single central scheduler and multiple local scheduler daemons. The central scheduler daemon maintained the queues and tables representing the state of the different virtual machines and was responsible for allocating time on these machines on a rst-come, rst-served basis. It also maintained state information on the AFS le system, so as to provide some fault tolerance in the case of daemon failures. The central scheduler communicated with local scheduler daemons, one per I-POP, to request that operations be performed on particular machines. Local schedulers performed site-dependent actions in response to three simple requests from the central scheduler.
function inspectBehavior(msgStr){ var argArray,layerMenu,layersArray,menuLength,found; argArray = extractArgs(msgStr); layerMenu = findObject( LAYER_LIST ); //Get all layers references including parent frames layersArray = getAllObjectRefs( NS 4.0 , LAYER ); menuLength = layerMenu.options.length; //Loop through all the <select> options for(var i=0;i<menuLength;i++){ //If the layer reference is same as the argument, got the layer if(getNameFromRef(layersArray[i]) == argArray[1]){ layerMenu.selectedIndex = i; //Set the flag and stop looping found = true; break; } } //If the layer is not found, alert! if(!found){ alert(argArray[1] + could not be found ) } //Populate the rest of the UI with remaining arguments if(argArray[2]){ findObject( Z-INDEX ).value = argArray[2]; } }
l iLife Sound Effects. Choose this
private function onLoad():void { if (str == value1 ) { Alert.show( value1 ); } else if (str == value2 ) { Alert.show( value2 ); } else if (str == yes ) { Alert.show( something else ); } }
Same Blending Mode (Select Same Blending Mode) selects objects that have the same Blending mode attributes of the currently selected object. The objects are selected regardless of their other attributes as long as the Blending modes are the same.
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