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Any image originating from Photoshop whether imported from a PSD file or copied and pasted can be modified in Photoshop and returned to Dreamweaver. Once the image has been inserted into Dreamweaver, there are two files you can modify: the original source graphic and the converted Web-compatible file. The process is different for changing each of the two file types; each procedure is detailed below.
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There are five methods of specifying the frame to which the movie should go when it receives a Go To action. You set the method by selecting the appropriate Type and Frame parameters. After you ve chosen the method to use to refer to your target frame, enter or select the frame s name or number under that setting s options (see Figure 17-4).
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When averaging points using the Average dialog box, Illustrator uses the mean method to determine the center. No, Illustrator isn t nasty to the points that it averages; rather, Illustrator adds together the coordinates of the points and then divides by the number of points. This provides the mean location of the center of the points.
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10. Make sure the dot on the Record button for the track is red to indicate that the 11. Position the Playhead where you want to start playing. For example, click the Go to
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volume. Hover the Move/Copy tool over the thin-edge sides of the component and snap to the crosshairs that appear (Fig. 8-12). This should allow you to rotate the component vertically. This is a useful skill to practice, and you ll need to be able to do it to successfully complete the tutorials.
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Ranking of surrounding cells 30 25 20 15 10 5 0
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Subroutines in Flash 4
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You can browse through the popup tools by pressing Alt (Option) while clicking a tool. Each click displays the next tool.
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Within the replacement string (the second parameter), you can use special values $1 to $9 to indicate the first nine remembered substrings:
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The New Swatch dialog box lets you name the new swatch.
The Roughen dialog box
End of a document.
The power control settings have an important effect on the DL PC performance. From multiple analysis carried out, the DL PC performance reaches its optimum value when the following criteria are ful lled: fast averaging and voting parameters are set in order to de ne a fast algorithm; the power step should be smaller (around 2 dB) when decreasing the power and higher (around 4 dB) when increasing it; the dynamic range should be large enough (16 20 dB) but the largest value is not recommended.
Using the Blend option
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A named Proxy Service destination uses an id other than DefaultHTTP. You can use a named destination in two ways:
Additional text support in Dreamweaver enables you to add both numbered and bulleted lists to your Web page. The Text Property inspector provides buttons for both kinds of lists as well as easy alignment control. Some elements, including lists, offer extended options. In Dreamweaver, clicking the Property inspector s Expander arrow opens a section from which you can access additional controls. Graphics are handled in much the same easy-to-use manner. Select the image or its placeholder to enable the Image Property inspector. From there, you can modify any available attributes, including the image s source, its width or height, and its alignment on the page. Need to touch up your image Send it to your favorite graphics program with just a click of the Edit button.
You can print field definitions from the Tables pane as well. In fact, you can select multiple tables and click the Print button to print field definitions for all the selected tables at one time.
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