Main Timeline to frame 27 and select the printer button in the lower-right corner of the Stage. With the Actions Panel open, click the Actions booklet at the left side. Double-click print to place the print action in the Actions list on the right side. For the Print option, choose As bitmap because the Movie Clip symbol contains alpha effects on the second frame artwork. For the Location option, choose Target. Our printable content resides in the shuttle instance on the Main Timeline. Therefore, we enter _root.shuttle to correctly target the movie, as shown in the following figure. Finally, we choose Frame for our Bounding box option because we want to scale each page of printable content to it maximum size.
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8 Working with Text
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information on the many brilliant films of David Lean:
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By default, the policy file must be placed in the root directory for the domain. That is, crossdomain.xml must exist such that it is accessible at, for example, http://www Flash Player 7 up through looks only in the root path of the domain for which the request is being made for a file called crossdomain.xml. That policy file then defines the policy for the entire domain. For example, if a Flash application uses LoadVars to make a request to script.php, Flash will look for a file at However, there are several issues with that. One issue is that the policy file defines the policy for the entire domain, and using the default model you cannot define different policies for different paths (that is, a policy for and a policy for http:// Another issue relates to persistent socket connections via XMLSocket. By default the Flash Player checks for a policy file called crossdomain.xml on port 80 (the standard HTTP port) of the same domain for which the XMLSocket connection is being requested. That requires that a web server is running in addition to the socket server in such cases. Both of these issues are managed by the method in Flash Player The loadPolicyFile() method requires one parameter: a string specifying the URL to the policy file. Using the loadPolicyFile() method, you can load policy files from specific locations, and you can even request policy files from socket servers. The following code requests a policy file called flashpolicies.xml from
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1. From the Server Behaviors panel, click the Add (+) button and select Insert Record. The Insert Record dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 34-10.
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3. In the Up Image field, enter a path and filename or browse to a graphic file to use. 4. Select files for each of the remaining states: Over, Down, and Over While Down. If you don t want to use all four states, just specify the same image more than once. For example, if you don t want a separate Over While Down state, use the same image for Down and Over While Down. 5. If you want, enter a brief description of the button in the Alternate Text field. 6. Enter a URL or browse to a file in the When Clicked, Go To URL field.
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Inserting Images
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Quick Start Flash in a Flash
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Connecting series points to a trendline
Text Fundamentals
D-Ribose Hexoses
The file ch08_09MultiColumnSort.xls has three worksheets. These show the sort in successive stages of completion.
XHTML Support
If you have spent considerable time creating a selection, you owe it to yourself to save it. You never know when the gremlins are going to huff and puff and crash Photoshop to the ground! Just make sure that the selection is active, of course, and then choose Save Selection from the Select menu or click the Save selection as channel icon at the bottom of the palette (Figure 3-7).
Getting to Know the Relatives
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