HTML doesn t limit you to the browser-style default buttons. You can also use an image as a Submit, Reset, or Command button. Dreamweaver has the capability to add an image field just like other form elements: Place the cursor in the desired position and choose Insert Form Image Field, or select the Image Field button from the Forms category of the Insert bar. You can use multiple image fields in a form to give users graphical options, as shown in Figure 14-12. FIGURE 14-12 barcode scanning
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var browserName = navigator.appName The Browser Detect script from Chris Nott referenced in this chapter handles Opera properly.
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16. Add the scene. 17. Turn on Shadows and export the scene. Turn Shadows off once completed. 18. This next scene is a trickier to set up (Fig. 10-22).
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Moving into the 21st Century with Cascading Style Sheets
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The other two items in the indent control section of Code Format preferences category are Indent Size and Tab Size. Change the value in Indent Size to establish the size of indents using spaces. To alter the size of tab indents, change the Tab Size value.
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Inevitably, you ll sometimes mark as editable a region that you d prefer to keep locked. Similarly, you may discover that every page constructed to date has required inputting the same content, so it should be entered on the template and locked. In either event, converting an editable region to a locked one is a simple operation. To lock an editable region, follow these steps:
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The highlighted portion of the formula displays the calculated result. You can evaluate other parts of the formula or press Esc to cancel and return your formula to its previous state.
I. Kinetic (tD /tR )1/2 < 0.02 control, slow reaction
Passing multiple values from a form
FIGURE 8-8: Creating a new Web page with the BuzzBoost HTML snippet
Establishing Web Links
A nonprofit organization that has provided free Mac tutorials since 1999, Macinstruct is in the middle of an extended makeover for its Web site. You ll find plenty of holes where content doesn t appear, just an under construction message. But those holes surround some good stuff, such as a tutorial on using VMWare Fusion to run Windows on your Intel Mac simultaneously with Mac OS X.
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