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Creating a new Spark skin component
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displayHelp() { alert( Be sure to name all your layers first ) }
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Part II
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If you want to apply a specific effect to one object in the group, you have to ungroup the object so the whole group isn t affected. Suppose, in the apple tree, that you want to make one apple really big and rotten looking. First, ungroup the apples, regroup all but one of the other apples (to keep them organized), and then apply the effect to just one apple. To ungroup groups (separate them into individual paths and objects), follow these steps:
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Part II Creating Flash Graphics
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Omics system Genome: the genetic code (DNA) of an organism; determined by DNA sequencing Information Genetic blueprint for cells and organisms Genome sizes range from ~500,000 bp (intracellular bacterial endosymbionts) to ~3,000,000,000 bp (humans) to 34,000,000,000 bp (the Easter lily plant) The genes encode structural proteins and regulatory networks for all cellular functions [e.g., the 25 clusters of orthologous groups (COG) categories described in Section 3.2 and Table 3.2] The subset of the genome expressed as mRNA The transcriptome is dynamic in time responding to factors in an organism s environment that range from nutrients to organism age to disease onset Abundances of individual proteins in cell extracts or organ tissues at a given time under speci ed conditions
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nce you understand how to work with basic data in the form of variables, you can start to explore the programming concepts behind subroutines and arrays. This chapter introduces you to data types, subroutines, arrays, and complex uses of functions.
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As 21 explains, the new Span Columns control lets you set text to break across columns in a text frame such as for headlines and pull-quotes. You can specify how many columns the paragraph spans across. The Text Frame Options dialog box has a new option, Balance Columns, that if selected tells InDesign CS5 to make the bottom of columns align as evenly as possible, instead of letting the text frame end with one column much shorter than the others. In InDesign CS5, the vertical justification capability now works in text frames of all shapes, not just rectangular text frames. InDesign CS5 now properly aligns bulleted and numbered lists when the left side of the text frame they are in wraps around another object. In earlier versions, InDesign s bulleted and numbered lists improperly aligned in text wraps.
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13-5.5 Lamellar Mixing Simulation Using the Engulfment Model
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window. iTunes displays the Burn Settings dialog box (see figure 1.33).
eb sites tend to be divided into two categories: those totally without sound, and those that use a lot of it there s not much middle ground. Many music and entertainment sites rely heavily on both streaming audio and downloadable audio files, such as MP3. In this chapter, you learn how to use audio in the Web pages you design with Dreamweaver. You look at traditional digital audio formats such as AIFF and WAV, and how you can turn these into files suitable for publishing on the Web, in formats such as MP3 and RealAudio. You also look at music formats, such as standard MIDI files and QuickTime Music. Lest you forget that you re Dreamweaving here, look at some Dreamweaver extensions you can use to get audio-enabled sites up and running in no time. But before you leap into those deep waters, it s a good idea to get an overview of digital audio and its place on the Web.
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Test Movie
Part IV
By object-oriented convention, constant identifiers are spelled in all uppercase, as in SELECTED. This distinguishes them in your code from property identifiers, which are spelled with an initial lowercase character and optional mixed case thereafter. n
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