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The STARTDATE and STOPDATE columns in the Subs table contain the start and stop dates of customers of a mobile telephone company. When there are two dates that describe such customer behaviors, a natural question is: What is the relationship between the days of the week when customers start and the days of the week when customers stop The following SQL query answers this question:
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The Default Document menu contains all the default document types in the New Document dialog box (File New). Choose the document type you want to be the default for quickly creating new documents. If you design ASP applications more often than plain HTML files, just choose ASP VBScript or ASP JavaScript from the list menu. You can also choose templates, XML files, PHP files, and the list goes on.
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To help you see why it s helpful to use subdirectories for your Web site organization, in the next section you look at a site that s a bit more complex: AnswerSquad.
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21: Specifying Paragraph Attributes
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I cover guides in detail in 6.
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The boundary data was manually modified from detailed outlines of the states. It consists of several thousand points rounded to the nearest tenth of a degree. This scale captures the zigs and zags of the state boundaries to within ten miles or so, which is quite sufficient for a map of the country. However, the boundaries are not accurate at the finest levels.
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Using Your Photos Within Mac OS X
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Placement Content Block Block, inline, and text
near the diaphragm, can cause misregistration of images in the lower lungs and upper abdomen. In addition, if the CT data is used for attenuation correction, artifacts may be introduced into the PET images in the same areas. To assure better alignment of the diaphragm some institutions instruct patients to breathe normally, or shallowly, during both CT and PET acquisitions.
Installing InDesign CS4
Preferences for invisible elements
package helpers { public class E4XParsingHelper { public var arExpressions:Array; public static function getExpressionsArray():Array { var arExpressions:Array = new Array(); arExpressions.push( xInvoices.invoice ); arExpressions.push( xInvoices.invoice[1] ); arExpressions.push( xInvoices.invoice[0].customer ); arExpressions.push( xInvoices..customer ); arExpressions.push( xInvoices..customer.(lastname== Jones ) ); arExpressions.push( xInvoices..lineitem.(toString()== Mouse ) ); arExpressions.push( xInvoices..lineitem.(@price < 8) ); arExpressions.push( xInvoices..lineitem.(@price < 8 ) ); return arExpressions; } public static function evalE4X(xInvoices:XML, expIndex:int):Object { switch (expIndex) { case 0: return xInvoices.invoice; case 1: return xInvoices.invoice[1]; case 2: return xInvoices.invoice[0].customer; case 3: return xInvoices..customer; case 4: return xInvoices..customer.(lastname== Jones ); case 5: return xInvoices..lineitem.(toString()== Mouse ); case 6: return xInvoices..lineitem.(@price < 8); case 7: return xInvoices..lineitem.(@price < 8 ); default: return new XMLList(); } } } }
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