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1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. Russell, 1919 (1993), quoted in Slater, 1994, introduction. Peckhaus,2003,p.3. This was actually number 6 in his publislzed list of 23 problems. In Barrow, 1992, p. 112. In Burton, 1991, p. 657. Weyl, in Reid, 1970, p. 264. See, e.g., chapter 8 and/or Barrow, 1992, p. 114n. In Barrow, 1992, pp. 195-96. Dirk van Dalen, personal communications, August 11 and 16, 2005. Van Dalen, 1990, p. 18. Reid, 1970, p. 6. Ibid. Reid, 1970, p. 94. In Simpson, 1986, p. 3. From HIlbert, "On the Infinite," pp. 367-92 in van Heijenoort (chapter 8). Simpson, 1986,p.4. Van Dalen, 1999, pp. ix-x. He also says that he has been defending this idea since 1907. Paper presented to the Royal Academy of Sciences, December 18, 1920. In Mancosu, 1998, p. 23. Reid, 1970, p. 149. In O'Connor, 2003, p. 3. Dirk van Dalen, personal communication, August 16,2005. Mancosu, 1998,p. 120. Hilbert, "The New Grounding of Mathematics. FIrst Report," in Mancosu, 1998, p.198. Ibid., pp. 199-201. Ibid., pp. 202-3. Dirk van Dalen, personal communication, September 21, 2005. Van Dalen, 2005, p. 640.
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Validation utilities built into Web development tools such as Adobe s Dreamweaver, shown in Figure 23-1 Any of the various separate applications that can be run locally. A comprehensive list is maintained on the WDG site at www.htmlhelp.com/links/validators.htm
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Enter the path (from your login home directory) to your Web space on the Web server s computer in the Initial Remote Site Folder Directory text box. Enter the path to your local Web folder (on your hard drive) in the Initial Local Folder text box. Leave the rest of the elds blank; they re for advanced FTP programming and automation. Next, select the Advanced tab, shown in Figure 5-10. Here, you can tell WS FTP to keep trying to connect if you can t initially log on to your Web server. In addition, there s a network timeout option, so if there s no activity detected, WS FTP will automatically close the connection. The Remote Port is the port setting for FTP. Unless instructed otherwise by your Web hosting company, this value is always 21. Finally, Passive Transfers are required for certain network con gurations, and are generally a good idea. A Passive Transfer prevents the FTP server from initiating contact during a connection a little security feature to thwart hackers. Unless your Web hosting company is using an old version of FTP that doesn t support Passive Transfers, turn this option on.
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Start by opening System Preferences, clicking Accounts, and creating a new user account (you ll have to type your password if the Accounts preferences are locked). In the New Account pop-up menu, choose Sharing Only, then type the required information. Note that the Turn on FileVault protection option is grayed out, because FileVault works only with home folders, and sharing-only users don t have home folders. Now you need to set up shared folders for your sharing-only user. Assuming you re still in System Preferences, follow these steps:
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To set the Outline report layout shown in Figure 11-6, click the PivotTable report to select it and then choose Design Report Layout Show in Outline Form.
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Multiple pieces of data
One way to make this database more usable is to convert it to a relational structure with separate tables for customers, salesmen, days, months, and years. These are called primary tables because they do not depend on any other tables; for example, the Customers table contains all the information about each customer. A master table, called Sales, links to all these other tables as and contains the Amount data. The Sales table is a dependent table because it gets some of its information by means of relational links to the primary tables. Figures 7-4 and 7-5 show the tables in this new relational database with the five primary tables shown in Figure 7-4 and the dependent Sales table in Figure 7-5. You can see that the data in most of the fields of the Sales table actually consist of links to data in the other tables. Note that any database program displays the actual data and not the link number for example, Jackson instead of the not-very-useful 1. I have shown the numbers here for purposes of illustration.
Figure 18-12: Specify a layout s primary table with the Show records from pop-up menu/drop-down list.
GSM, GPRS and EDGE Performance
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GRID computing
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