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CrossReference Not only can you customize your general code preferences, with Dreamweaver s Tag Library Editor you can modify all the various tags individually as well as import entire new tag sets. For details on how the Tag Library Editor works, see 32.
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Cumene formation of, 264 manufacture of, 239, 258 in manufacture of phenol and acetone, 513 Cumene hydroperoxide, 513 Cu-MgO, in higher alcohol synthesis, 135 Cu(N0 3h on silica, in formation of quinones, 496 Cu(OAch, in aminomethylation, 395 Cu on Si0 2, in methanol synthesis, 133, 134 CU20 on Si-C, in manufacture of acrolein, 511 CuO-ZnO, in methanol synthesis, 114, 134 Cupric chloride in alkylation, 242, 243 in carbomethoxylation, 382 in chlorination of 1,3-butadiene, 312 in Deacon catalyst, 311 in oxidation of ethane, 520 in ring acyloxylation, 496 in vinylic oxidation, 471, 472, 509 Cuprous chloride in formylation, 413 in manufacture of acrylonitrile, 300, 303 dimethyl carbonate, 386 Cu+lzeolite, in cyclodimerization of 1,3-butadiene, 734 Cu-Zn active-site model, in CO2 hydrogenation, 89 Cu-ZnO in higher alcohol synthesis, 135 in methanol synthesis, 114 Cu-ZnO-Ah0 3 in CO2 hydrogenation, 89,91 in methanol synthesis, 114 Cu-ZnO-Cr20 3 in CO2 hydrogenation, 89 in methanol synthesis, 114 Cu-ZnO-Ga203, in CO 2 hydrogenation, 90 CU-Zr02, in CO 2 hydrogenation, 90 Cyclar process, for aromatization, 56, 66 Cyclialkylation, 238, 241, 266 Cyclic mechanism, in alkane isomerization, 184, 185 Cycloaddition, 332, 347 in bis-hydroxylation, 467, 469 in fluorination, 304 in hydroboration, 318 in ozonation, 477 in reactions, with singlet oxygen, 465, 466, 498 Cycloalkadienes ozonolysis of, 481 reaction of, with singlet oxygen, 465-467 1,3-Cycloalkadienes
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Mouly M., Pautet M. B., The GSM System for Mobile Communications, 1992. Nielsen Thomas T., Wigard J, Performance Enhancements in a Frequency Hopping GSM Network, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, 2000. [3] ETSI TC-SMG, GSM 05.02: European Digital Cellular Telecommunications System (Phase 2) Multiplexing and Multiple Access on the Radio Path, September 1994. [4] COST231, Digital Mobile Radio towards Future Generation Systems, COST 231 Final Report, 1999. [5] Mehrotra A., Cellular Radio Performance Engineering, Artech House, London, 1994. [1] [2]
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Indicate that the named counter should be set back to zero or the numeric value provided.
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CSS Hacks and Filters: Making Cascading Style Sheets Work
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6.22 Before you start burning a CD, use the Burning tab on the Advanced pane of the Preferences dialog box to set iTunes to create the type of CD you want.
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Working with Drape
Part VII Using Flash with Other Programs
Listing 4-3: A Java Code Example
The last step in this file is to return the XML for Flash to process. After have created the category and photo files, you can create the gallery.php file, which handles the calls from PHP and returns the proper XML based on what is requested.
InDesign. Furthermore, you can set display settings for individual objects by ensuring that Allow Object-Level Display Settings is checked in that submenu (choose it if not) and then selecting the desired objects and applying the desired display settings to them. These settings remain in effect until you change them or clear them all by choosing View Clear Object-Level Display Settings.
<s:Button label= click me click= default_clickHandler(event) click.state2= state2_clickHandler(event) />
Part I Dreamweaver MX 2004 Basics
<br />
A drop-down menu should be familiar to everyday users of computers: The menu is initially displayed as a single-line text box with an arrow button at the right end; when the button is clicked, the other options are revealed in a list or menu. (Whether the list pops up or drops down depends on its position on the screen at the time it is selected. Normally, the list drops down, unless it is close to the bottom of the screen.) After the user selects one of the listed options and the mouse is released, the list closes, and the selected value remains displayed in the text box. Insert a drop-down menu in Dreamweaver as you would any other form object, with one of the following actions: From the Forms category of the Insert bar, select the List/Menu button to place a dropdown menu at the current cursor position. Choose Insert Form List/Menu from the menu to insert a drop-down menu at the current cursor position. Drag the List/Menu button from the Insert bar to any location in the Document window and release the mouse button to position the drop-down menu. With the List/Menu object inserted, make sure the Menu option (not the List option) is selected in the Property inspector, as shown in Figure 14-7. You can also name the drop-down menu by typing a name in the Name text box; if you don t, Dreamweaver supplies a generic select name.
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