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Bold Figure 7-3: The Character Panel is one of three panels used to select and modify manipulated text.
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The last two methods in this class are the getter and setters for the failedAttempts variable. The getter simply returns the current value of the failedAttempts value. The setter not only
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If your UMD latch is stuck or has stopped working, try jiggling it loose again. If that doesn t work, see if you can get the door open and then move the spring back into place by turning the PSP upside down and using a small precision screwdriver just under the eject latch. If that doesn t work, and you don t mind voiding your warranty, remove the cover to your PSP and move the spring back into place. Otherwise, send the PSP in for repair.
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Other times, though, you may need to add a clip to a different part of the Storyboard. This takes only a moment longer.
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<mx:Accordion id= views openDuration= 500 > <mx:HBox/> <mx:VBox/> <mx:Canvas/> <s:NavigatorContent/> <views:MyCustomComponent/> </mx:Accordion >
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Adding an item to the end of a list is straightforward if you know whether the list already has a trailing carriage return. If it does, and assuming that the list is in a field called Roster in a table called Library and the new value to be added is in a global field called gNewValue in a Utility table, you can use
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Scroll to top of current record or preview page Scroll to bottom of current record or preview page
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1. Choose File Define Database (or press Shift+ +D/Shift+Ctrl+D) and click the Fields tab in the Define Database dialog that appears. The Fields pane appears. (Refer to Figure 5-1.) 2. Select the field you wish to rename. The field name appears in the Field Name text box.
Part VIII: Working with Flash in Context
Gas Flow Number, FlG 8 r.p.s., 18 cm impeller
By adopting a CEM approach, the operator can gain a detailed and accurate real-time view of what the customer actually experience when using a particular mobile service. This information is a prerequisite for any process aiming to improve the customer s view of the mobile service and the quality delivered. These statistics include, for example: Was customer Mr Smith able to use the services on your network when he wanted to Did the service provide the level of quality that he expected Was he able to complete his business and exit the service successfully CEM turns these statistics into knowledge as it allows the operator to build an understanding of not only what the customer experienced but also when, why and with what equipment/ handset. It also provides the input needed to optimize the network performance where it matters most to the high ARPU customers. In addition, it allows the operator to understand how the customer s experience affects his or her behaviour. This kind of information cannot be readily extracted from the statistics available in today s networks.
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