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7.4.1 Hybrid Hall Thruster Models 7.4.2 Steady-State Modeling Results 7.4.3 Oscillations in Hall Thrusters 7.5 Hall Thruster Life References Problems
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Surprisingly, you don t change the color of text with a style called font-color. Given that every other style modification is done with font-something, it took me a while to remember that color is changed by simply using the attribute color:. Throughout this chapter, I have shown many examples of color specifications, but they ve all been specific by color name. In fact, there are a bunch of ways you can specify a color within CSS, some of which are explained in more detail in 7 and all of which are listed in Table 4-2.
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and click Open Parental Controls. Turn to 2 to learn more about setting up Parental Controls; in a nutshell, you can use them to choose which programs a guest user can run, limit Internet use in several ways, and keep a log of everything the user does on your iMac.
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elcome to HTML, XHTML, and CSS Bible, Fifth Edition. This book was conceived, designed, and written to provide a comprehensive overview of the two largest Web technologies, HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). This book serves as an introduction and reference to the information you need to create documents simple and complex for the World Wide Web.
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This script is based on code previously used as a bookmarklet, but combined with Greasemonkey, this version can permanently alter your view of del.icio.us at least until you disable the user script. Check out Figure 2-19 to see what this user script does for you.
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Transcript window The transcript window is used to display the progress of a process and relevant messages. The Console page displays errors, warnings, and information messages. An error is signified by a red X mark next to the message and a warning is signified by a yellow ! mark. The Warnings and Errors pages display only warning and error messages. Workplace window The workplace window is for users to view and edit various types of files. We use it to perform two main tasks. The first task is to view and edit the HDL and constraint files. The default editor is the ZSE Text Editor, which is a simple text editor with features to assist creation of the HDL code. The second task is to check the design summary and various reports.
Part V Adding Multimedia Elements
1. Do one of the following: Choose File Sharing, select the Single User radio button in the File Sharing dialog, and then click OK. Choose File Close ( +W/Ctrl+W). Choose FileMaker Pro Quit FileMaker Pro (Mac) or File Exit (Windows).
Container with no break before or after. Container with a forced line break above and below. Element that creates both a box and list-item box (indented).
FIGURE 6.12 Setting fixed page margins via the Printing tab of the Layout Setup dialog.
born to parents who were exposed to a certain amount of radiation will develop leukemia; it is not known which of these children will develop leukemia. Child X has a 1/100 risk of developing leukemia, but it is not known whether she will develop leukemia over her lifetime. Other risks are directly dose-related. These are referred to as nonstochastic (also called deterministic) risks. For nonstochastic risks there are thresholds above which radiation damage can be expected in all exposed individuals. For example, if one of the parents received 6 Gy (600 rad) to his eyes, it is known that as a result of this radiation he will develop cataracts in the future. The risk is said to be 100% above a threshold of 2 Gy (200 rad).
Click Frame 160 and drag the symbol. Center the symbol on Stage with the Align Panel, shown in the following figure.
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