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var aEmployees:Array = new Array(); aEmployees.push([ Arun , 555-1234 ]); aEmployees.push([ Peter , 555-4321 ]); aEmployees.push([ Chris , 555-5678 ]); aEmployees.push([ Heather , 555-8765 ]); for(var i:Number = 0; i < aEmployees.length; i++) { trace( Employee: + aEmployees[i][0]); trace( Phone Number: + aEmployees[i][1]); }
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Part I: Chart Basics
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Loading a Library Item
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Tabular Oldstyle: Uses old-fashioned numerals spaced evenly for natural alignment in tables. Default Figure Style: Does whatever the font s designers want it to do by default (one of the preceding four settings).
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FIGURE 6.30 Using the Specify Field dialog to source fields from the related Supplier TO for inclusion on the Orders layout.
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Firewall Host and Firewall Port options
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Note that the reference beam should come up to the H2 plate from below so that it can be illuminated from behind and above. This angle is usually difficult to arrange (unless you have a hole in the table, or some mirrors cleverly arranged), so the H2 is usually turned on its side so that the reference beam can travel horizontally across the table. Since the mathematics of shrinkage are somewhat imperfect (imprecisely depending on chemistry and not closed-form) and thus resist our desire for an exact solution we can do quickly before building a laboratory setup, it s handy to keep this last result in mind and use it as a rough guide. Without shrinkage, the reference beam would have been 135 and the object beam -180 . Because of the change in fringe angle caused by shrinkage, we compensate by increasing the angle between the two beams, and because the fringes tilt more in the direction they re already tilted (if they were perpendicular to the surface, shrinkage wouldn t affect them) we cornpensate by rotating both beams down a little. So, in a pinch, you could do a rough shrinkage compensation for a common rainbow hologram by tilting the hologram just before the transfer exposure so that the object beam (otherwise on-axis) is a couple of degrees below the axis and the reference beam decreases by the same amount. The reference beam angle (before the plate tilt) should be calculated as usual based on the sine equation-which you ll recall doesn t care about shrinkage. We will revisit shrinkage in a later chapter when we look at reflection holograms, a type of display where recorded fringes are usually more parallel to the surface of the emulsion than in transmission holograms. We will think about the mathematics of shrinkage slightly differently, but the phenomena and the results are equivalent for both transmission and reflection holograms. In fact, every hologram has both transmission and reflection hologram behavior, to at least a limited extent!
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Cell padding Cell spacing
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Refreshing the ScrollPane
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Alternatively, you can add a single [Bindable] tag before the class declaration to make all its properties bindable:
. . . . . . . .
Lighting can be a little confusing in a 3-D program. Because lights in 3-D are positioned an infinite distance from objects, shading for different objects is the same, no matter what the position of the objects. For example, if the lights are in the upper left, objects on the far left have the same lighting as objects on the far right. If the lights were positioned closer, the shading would appear differently. A good way to think of the lights that you create is that they resemble sunlight to us earthbound creatures. Light from the sun shines on an object in New York City almost exactly the same way it shines on an object in Boston. Because the sun is so far away, the difference in the position of the sun relative to the two cities is minute. If the sun was an infinite distance away and Earth was flat, the two cities would have exactly the same sunlight. Because there are no shadows in Illustrator s 3D Extrude & Bevel Options dialog box, objects that are between the light source and another object let light pass through them so that the light can reach the hidden object.
Speaking of how email messages are constructed, it s time to take a look at the Internet Message Format (RFC 2822) and Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (or MIME).
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