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Recently Modified: Returns a list of pages modified in a user-definable period along with their modification date; you can, optionally, search for pages modified by a specific user, if the site is being administered by Contribute. In addition to the Results panel listing, this report also automatically opens a printready version in your primary browser with links to each page listed, as shown in Figure 30-12. The pages can either be viewed locally best for static pages or through the testing server, which is necessary for dynamic pages. Design Notes: This report examines the designated files according to search criteria set up in the Report Settings dialog box. Searches may be conducted on a maximum of three criteria. If no criterion is entered, a list of all files with Design Notes in the selected scope is returned.
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After you ve gone through any long process of selecting, you might want to save the selection, especially if you use a certain selection repeatedly. After you save a selection, you can make it reusable. To save a selection, create your selection first and then choose Select Save Selection to display the Save Selection dialog box, as shown in Figure 6.10. By choosing Select Edit Selection, you can change the name of the selection. You access a saved selection by choosing Select name of selection, and you can edit saved selections under Select Edit Selection.
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Although many Contribute users begin by modifying the content on existing pages, some, if not all, eventually create new pages within the site. The New Pages category of the Permissions Group dialog box, shown in Figure 30-21, offers a full range of options for this important task. As administrator, you can limit users to creating new files based on specific Dreamweaver templates or enable them to start from scratch; alternatively, you can completely disable the option and restrict their access to existing pages. There are five primary options in this category, which can be enabled or disabled in any combination: Create a Blank Page: Allows users to start with a totally empty page, just as in Dreamweaver.
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8 Working with Records
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Figure 22-4: You can reserve items for in-store pickup from the Comp USA Web site.
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At this point, the UserForm has all the necessary controls. What s missing is a way to display the form. This section explains how to write a VBA procedure to display the UserForm.
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Page Navigation Menus and Shortcuts
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You can return complex data from PHP either by manually constructing an array to return or by generating and returning a simple data set.
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Integrating text from a data source Formatting dynamic text Inserting graphics dynamically Working with Flash dynamically
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function switchStyle(title)
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Thus the interaction representation operators satisfy Heisenberg equations of motion, but with the commutator for the free-field Hamiltonian HA, and the interaction representation state vector QI satisfies a Schrodinger equation, but for the interaction portion H h , of the Hamiltonian rather than the total Hamilt onian .
Part III
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