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9.4.2. Oxidative Ring Cleavage
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That is, the lower slit emits a cylindrical wave that the lens transforms into a tilted plane wave with an angle 8 = tan-l(d2F) = sin-l(d2F). This creates a phase increase of q5 = 2n(x/A) sine in any plane behind the lens, including the back focal plane at F. The distance D then follows from n= 2n (D/A) sine, giving our result, D = AFld.
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Considerations for exporting interactive PDFs
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<pre style="font-family: serif"> Down by the salley gardens my love and I did meet; She passed the salley gardens with little snow-white feet. She bid me take love easy, as the leaves grow on the tree; But I, being young and foolish, with her would not agree.</pre>
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Practicing Targeting
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CHAPTER 8 Ray-Tracing Analysis of Holography
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a significantly higher impact if deposited on most spacecraft components. Therefore, understanding the wall erosion rate and its dependence on thruster materials and operating parameters is of importance in predicting the thruster life and performance over time and its potential impact on the spacecraft. The erosion rate, given by the rate of change of the wall thickness, w , is (7.5-1) where J i is the ion flux, W is the atomic weight, p is the material density, e is the ion charge, A,, is Avogadro s number, and Y is the sputtering yield of the material, which is dependent on the ion type and energy ci.Since the material properties are known, the issue becomes one of knowing the ion flux, ion energy, and sputtering yield of the wall. Several analytical models of the Hall thruster have been developed and applied to this problem [37,60,64]. The most accurate predictions have been achieved using a modified 2-D HPHall code [58] to obtain the ion fluxes and energies. The sputtering yield of boron nitride compounds used in dielectric-wall Hall thrusters has been measured by Gamier [65] versus incidence angle and ion energy, and is used in several of these models. However, the Gamier data are at only a few energies and in excess of 300 V. Gamero extrapolated these data to lower energies using the semi-emperical sputtering law scaling of Yamamura and Tawara [66], obtaining the following expression for the sputtering yield in units of mm3/coulomb:
Overriding character styles
FIGURE 3-7: It s what you don t see here that s important. The Internet Explorer 6 Peekaboo bug is keeping content to the right of the floated div from appearing.
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