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SELECT AVG(predamount) as avgpred, AVG(totalprice) as avgactual FROM (SELECT o.*, COALESCE(dim1lu.avgamount, defaultlu.avgamount) as predamount FROM (SELECT o.*, c.channel, MONTH(orderdate) as mon FROM orders o JOIN campaign c on o.campaignid = c.campaignid WHERE YEAR(o.orderdate) = 2016) o LEFT OUTER JOIN (SELECT MONTH(orderdate) as mon, zipcode, AVG(totalprice) as avgamount FROM orders o JOIN campaign c on o.campaignid = c.campaignid WHERE YEAR(o.orderdate) = 2015 GROUP BY MONTH(orderdate), zipcode) dim1lu ON o.mon = dim1lu.mon AND o.zipcode = dim1lu.zipcode CROSS JOIN (SELECT AVG(totalprice) as avgamount FROM orders o WHERE YEAR(o.orderdate) = 2015) defaultlu) a
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In a customized FSMD, the data path can be created to accommodate an individual application s needs. It may contain multiple customized functional units and parallel routing paths, and can complete complex computation in a single state (i.e., one clock cycle). On the other hand, the PicoBlaze microcontroller can only perform one predefined RT operation (i.e., an instruction) at a time. It may need many instructions to perform the same task and thus require much more time. Many tasks can be done by either a customized FSMD or a microcontroller. The tradeoff is between the hardware complexity, performance and ease of development. There is no exact rule on which one to choose. Because developing software is usually easier than creating customized hardware, the microcontroller option is generally preferable for nontime-critical applications. We can determine the feasibility of this option by examining the computation complexity. PicoBlaze requires two clock cycles to complete an instruction. If the system clock is 50 MHz, 25 million instructions can be perform in one second. For a task (or a collection of tasks), we can examine how frequent a request is issued and how fast the task must be completed, and then estimate the number of available instructions. For example, assume that a keyboard interface generates a new input data every 1 ms and the data must be processed within this interval. Within the 1-ms period, PicoBlaze can complete 25,000 instructions. The PicoBlaze controller will be a viable option if the required processing can be done by using less than 25,000 instructions. In general, the microcontroller is suitable for many non-time-critical I/O-interface or house-keeping tasks.
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Ethidium bromide
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D2[E2[E1[x]]] 1,044 1,052 53,193 53,719 538 1,084 546 1,100 53,145 558 53,129 566 53,113 574 1,156 53,671 586 53,073 1,188 598
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Styling Your Text
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Macromixing is mixing driven by the largest scales of motion in the uid. Macromixing is characterized by the blend time in a batch system. Mesomixing is mixing on a scale smaller than the bulk circulation (or the tank diameter) but larger than the micromixing scales, where molecular and viscous diffusion become important. Mesomixing is most frequently evident at the feed pipe scale of semibatch reactors. Micromixing is mixing on the smallest scales of motion (the Kolmogorov scale) and at the nal scales of molecular diffusivity (the Batchelor scale). Micromixing is the limiting step in the progress of fast reactions, because micromixing dramatically accelerates the rate of production of interfacial area available for diffusion.3 This is the easiest way to speed up contact at the molecular level, since the molecular diffusivity is more or less xed.4 We now proceed to our rst exploration of turbulence in mixing applications: an evaluation of the time and length scales that are important for reactor design.
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Any integer measurement in pixels, centimeters, millimeters, inches, points, percentage, ems, or picas Any integer
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One of my favorite image optimization techniques is to scale an image to 50 percent of its size upon export and then place it in an HTML page at double size; doubling the width and height attributes of the img tag. The effects of this are usually noticeable, but often not objectionable, especially for flat color images. One thing s for sure: no faster way exists to halve the weight of an exported document. Experiment with this technique and see whether it works for you.
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<!DOCTYPE office:document-content PUBLIC "-//OpenOffice.org//DTD OfficeDocument 1.0//EN" "office.dtd">
Contrary to popular belief, protecting a worksheet with a password is not a security feature it s a convenience feature. Sheet protection is intended primarily to prevent accidental erasure of cells. In a typical scenario, formula cells are locked and data input cells are not locked. Then, when the sheet is protected, the formula cells cannot be deleted or overwritten by values. It is a fairly simple matter to crack the password for a protected sheet.
File Types / Editors preferences
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Widescreen or Project Switch to Standard. You can also flip between the formats by pressing +Option+A.
As you might suspect, the .alert rule would be applied and the <h1> tag would appear red. The reason this is true is because the .alert selector is more specific than the <h1> tag selector. The W3C CSS specification (no relation) provides a different weight for each kind of selector. A rule s specificity is noted with four comma-separated values. For example, the specificity for the <h1> rule is
5.2 Children of Love
This query gives the estimate of $85.51. This is a reasonable estimate, but it is a bit off the mark, because the actual average in 2016 is $112.64. This example is a predictive model. The average from 2015 is being used to estimate the value in 2016. This is a big assumption, but not unreasonable.
With the ActionScript portion of the RSS reader finished you can focus on the PHP code. The RSS feed that is being used for this example, as shown in Figure 11.6, comes from Adobe and is the latest news and information on Adobe AIR.
In this mode, the first shot is the standard exposure, the second is the underexposure, and the last is the overexposure. Power off automatic cancellation is enabled in this mode.
(c) 3D/4D NOESY experiments can also be used to identify neighbouring amino-acid residue spin systems in a polypeptide chain (short range distance constraint analysis). However, they are much more critical for the identi cation of spin systems that are in close spatial proximity to each other in the polypeptide chain, but separated in terms of sequence (long range distance constraint analysis). NOESY experiments rely heavily on extensive unambiguous assignments of as many 1 H and other hetero-atomic nuclei in a protein as possible. Therefore, (a) and (b) must be completed as far as possible before (c). Again, for small proteins (<50 amino-acid residues), 2D NOESY experiments should suf ce. (d) Various experiments can be performed to analyse for coupling constants, in particular 3] 1 H 1 H homonuclear and 3] 1 H 15 N heteronuclear constants that establish amino-acid residue spin-system and backbone conformations (angular constraint analysis). These experiments provide supplemental information to experiments described under (c) and contribute towards accurate structure determination at the computational stage (see below).
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