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Nested tables created in Dreamweaver s Layout mode offer the Web designer tighter command of Web page elements.
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In all three methods, you can apply the same formatting to text. The difference is that a character style s settings are stored, so you can apply the exact same settings easily to other text. Plus, if you change a character style s settings, any text based on it automatically changes to reflect the new settings. Neither is the case when using the local formatting controls or the Eyedropper and Marker tools.
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To quickly take a specific tabbed window and make it into a free-floating window, just click and drag its title tab away from the other tabs.
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Figure 24-10: Click Apply to test typeface and text size variations when creating your Flash button. 5. Select a typeface from the Font drop-down list. The fonts listed are TrueType fonts found on your system. Most of the button templates have a preselected font and text size. If the preselected font is not found on your system, a small alert appears at the bottom of the dialog box. 6. Enter the font size, in points, in the Size field. 7. If the button is to link to another page, enter the absolute or document-relative URL in the Link field. Alternatively, you can click the Browse button to locate the file. Flash movies don t handle site-root relative links correctly, so your link needs to be either absolute, such as www.idest.com/dreamweaver/, or document-relative. Use document-relative links only if the Flash button is to be stored in the same folder as the page referenced. 8. If you are working in a frame-based site or you want the link to open in another page, select an option from the Target drop-down list. The standard system targets _blank, _self, _parent, and _top are always available. Additional frame names appear if the Flash button is inserted in an existing frameset. 9. If the Flash button is to be placed on a page or in a table with a background color other than white, select the Bg Color swatch to choose an appropriate background. Alternatively, the hexadecimal color number or standard color name may be entered directly into the Bg Color text field. 10. In the Save As text box, enter a path and filename for the Flash button file. If you like, you can use the suggested default name in the site root or click the Browse button to choose a different location.
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6.16.5. The wml:noop Element
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C-clamps Alligator clamp 5-minute general-purpose epoxy Cardboard Toothpick Manual hand drills, which used to be popular and inexpensive 10 to 20 years ago, are hard to find today. Fortunately, electric drills are now extremely inexpensive and make drilling a lot faster. A 1 2" drill bit is needed to drill the hole for the tripod socket nuts (see Figure 2-4).
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terms of phase modes with amplitudes Am instead of the element excitations Vn. Thus, in the following example we have taken the element excitations of a synthesized linear array to represent the circular array phase-mode excitations. See Figure 10.1, which shows a nineelement linear 25 dB Dolph Chebyshev array pattern and the corresponding nine-phasemode, circular 25 dB Dolph Chebyshev array pattern. The beamwidth is about 2.5 times larger in the circular array case than in the linear array case, corresponding approximately to the difference in array transverse width (length vs. diameter) for the two cases. Having found the far field phase modes does not mean that we have solved the synthesis problem completely. The remaining problem is to find a realistic element excitation that will generate the phase modes. The transformation is given by Equation (10.3); Figure 10.2 presents both mode sets (Am and Cm) for the circular array pattern of Figure 10.1 (b). The next step is to find the element excitation V( ) expressed in the near field (excitation) modes according to Equation (10.4). Sampling the continuous excitation V( ) at the element positions n gives the element excitation values [Figure 10.3 (a)]. Has the discrete excitation we found solved the problem From 2 we know that additional spurious modes are generated (distortion terms) and we have to make sure that they are sufficiently attenuated. We notice from Figure 10.3 (b) that the pattern computed from the discrete element excitation has an increased side lobe level compared to the design goal of 25 dB, possibly due to spurious effects. Let us take a closer look at the relevant design criteria. First of all, the number of modes used (we had nine) must be less than or equal to the number of elements (we had ten) in order to avoid aliasing of the phase-mode spectrum (cf. Table 2.1). Second, in order to radiate the useful unambiguous mode spectrum the number of phase modes must be less than about 2kR (cf. Figure 2.12). A commonly stated limit is 2kR + 1 [Taylor 1952]; in our case we had 2kR + 1 = 9. With 11 elements instead of 10, we would get 2kR + 1 = 9.8, which is more on the safe side. Using this number, we get the pattern shown in Figure 10.4. Now we have obtained a result that is very close to the ideal Chebyshev pattern. However, this is a narrowband solution since kR cannot be allowed to vary much. We have the requirement 2M + 1 < 2kR + 1 < 2N + 1 (10.7)
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Fixed Positioning for Internet Explorer on Windows:
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This calculation is so poorly formed that you could be forgiven for thinking I made it up to illustrate a point. Not so; I copied both the examples in this section directly from a real (albeit poorly designed) solution. As you can see, the latter example requires evaluation of the Sum(Invoices:: BalancePayable) expression a minimum of 4 times and up to a maximum of 11 times, depending on the cumulative amount owing for a given customer record. In this instance, I recast the expression as
Spurl offers social bookmarking with a few extra organization features. The Spurl home page is shown in Figure 11-17. You can visit it yourself at the following address:
CH,Cl" O-lO C, 1 h
You ll need to replace the values in the initial configuration constants with the settings from your own email account, which you can probably dig out of the preferences for your usual email program if you already know where to find them. After you do that, you ll see some output such as what s shown in Figure 12-1.
294 Table 7.5. EGPRS Reuse
n Modify an object on the spread or its pasteboard. n Click a spread or its pasteboard. n In the Pages panel, double-click the page numbers below the spread s page icons. (This
var map; var index = 0; var selpanel;
If you are creating a Web application that includes dynamic elements from a database, Dreamweaver offers an alternate version of Design view for your page Live Data view. In Live Data view, Dreamweaver displays your page with data from your data source. Toggle Live Data view on and off by choosing View Live Data or by selecting the Live Data View button on the Document toolbar (as described later in this chapter). A keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+Shift+R (Command+Shift+R), also enables Live Data view. Live Data view is one of Dreamweaver s key features. When you re in Live Data view, you can lay out your page formatting text items, adjusting graphics, and modifying tables while the actual data from your application is onscreen. The live data that Dreamweaver displays replaces data source placeholders such as {rs.employeeID} with the selected information pulled from the database s designated field, as shown in Figure 3-5. Live Data view requires that a connection to a testing server, either local or remote, be properly established in the Site Definition dialog box. If Dreamweaver is unable to complete the connection, an error message appears with several possible solutions listed.
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