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So, basically what you re trying to do is establish some criteria, protocol for data recorders
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With a Dielectric Layer, IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, Vol. AP-52, No. 7, pp. 1851 1858, July. Tittensor P. J. and Newton M. L. (1989), Prediction of the Radar Cross Section of an Array Antenna, in Proceedings of Sixth International Conference on Antennas and propagation (ICAP 89), April, pp. 258 262. Wiesbeck W. and Heidrich E. (1992), Influence of Antennas on the Radar Cross Section of Camouflaged Aircraft, in Proceedings of Radar 92 International Conference, Brighton UK, 12 13 October, pp. 122 125. Williams N. (1986), The Radar Cross Section of Antennas an Appraisal, in Proceedings of Military Microwave Symposium, MM-86, pp. 502 508. Wills R. W. (1991), Calculation of Radar Cross Section for an Active Array, in Proceedings of IEE Colloquium on Antenna Radar Cross-Section, London UK, 7 May, pp. 8/1 8/4.
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Consider an example that uses the query string. Suppose that you ve developed a page for an organization that displays employees and whether they re under contract. The contract status shown depends on the link selected by the user; the links are identical except for the query string portion. For uncontracted employees, the link reads employees.cfm contract=no, whereas for contracted employees, the link reads employees.cfm contract=yes. The recordset on the employees.cfm page uses a filter that sets the Contract field equal to the URL parameter called contract.
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We recognize the importance of these privacy and related legal issues. The EDR Working Group, too, recognized their importance and devoted a considerable amount of time to discussing them. It also included a chapter on them in its August 2001 final report. Among other things, the chapter summarizes the positions that various participants in the EDR Working Group took on privacy issues. We also recognize the importance of public acceptance of this device, whether voluntarily provided by vehicle manufacturers or required by the government. We note that General Motors informed the EDR Working Group (Docket No. NHTSA-99-5218-9; section 8.3.5) that it believes the risk of private citizens reacting negatively to the monitoring function of the EDR can be addressed through honest and open communications to customers by means of statements in owners manuals informing them that such data are recorded. That company indicated that the recording of these data is more likely to be accepted if the data are used to improve the product or improve the general cause of public safety. While we believe that continued attention to privacy issues is Important, we observe that, from the standpoint of statutory authority, our role in protecting privacy is a limited one. For example, we do not have authority over such areas as who owns the information that has been recorded, or the circumstances under which other persons may obtain and use that information. These areas are covered by a variety of Federal and State laws not administered by NHTSA.
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2. Go to Settings in Navigator. 3. Select USB Connection and press .
business decision evaluated against its impact on customer value. Com petitive advantage is based upon a company being effective at coordinat ing partnerships and alliances that, in the aggregate, cater to the customer. The intent is to deliver the total solution by bringing together and orches trating a supporting cast of companies that provide the functions that are not the core competency of the coordinating organization. Moving outward from the center of the Web, we encounter the various constituents of the network. Located in the first orbit around the core is the company that provides the offering a customer is interested in, such as an automobile manufacturer. This is usually the company for which a Value Web analysis is performed; rarely do we see a client commission CGE&Y with the full analysis of another entity unless a merger or acquisition situ ation is being addressed. To distinguish this company from all the other entities in the web, we will refer to it as the firm. Besides the firm, other Value Web constituents include the firm s direct and indirect competitors, suppliers, service providers, retailers and resellers, complementors, affin ity groups, and independent authorities. Figure 5.1 illustrates the network.
Some chapters don t use any sample file.
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