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4 Creating Your First Database
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Using the .NET DataList provides a quick way to add columnar or repeating data to your page. Requirements: One DataSet on the current page. To add a DataList, follow these steps: 1. From the Server Behaviors panel, select the Add (+) button and choose DataList from the list. The DataList dialog box, shown in Figure 35-27, is displayed.
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Stacked-column graphs are good graphs for presenting the total of a category and the contributing portions of each category, as shown in Figure 5.26. This graph shows the same amount of information as the grouped-column graph, but the information is organized differently. The stacked-column graph is designed to display the total of all the legends, and the grouped-column graph is designed to aid comparison of all individual legends in each category.
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Broadcast TV Notes
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Spreadsheet reports can use formula fields just like any Excel worksheet. The difference with Spreadsheet reports is that the formula can also be automatically filled down when the report is refreshed. This is akin to adding a Calculated Field in a PivotTable report. Essentially, the new formula field is automatically filled-down as it is also integrated as a new column in the Spreadsheet report. To see how this works, start with the Spreadsheet report in Figure 14-4 and follow these steps: 1. Next to the Sales Revenue header, type Net Profit in cell G1 and press Enter. Notice that the new field is automatically integrated into the Excel report. 2. Type = F2*0.45 in cell G2 and press Enter to calculate Net Profit as 45 percent of sales revenue. Notice that the cell formula is automatically copied down the column, as shown in Figure 14-24.
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If a User Dictionary isn t currently installed or chosen, the Edit User Dictionary command cannot be selected. See Creating a User Dictionary, earlier in this chapter, for instructions on installing a User Dictionary.
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12: Using Path Blends, Compound Paths, and Masks . . . . . . . . 427
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Securely returning data
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Pick one, and continue on to Listing 13-21, which provides the start of a new program named ch13_amazon_wishlist_scraper.py.
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Part II
Scaling values
Part VII
What s New in Excel 2007
If you had your computer for a while before you bought FileMaker Pro, you probably also had one or more address or contacts files that you created in other programs address data recorded in an included contact manager such as the Mac OS X Address Book or Microsoft Outlook Express (Windows), for example. Rather than keep this information spread across a handful of programs, it s usually preferable to put all the data into one database or program. Unfortunately, most of us don t plan for (or count on) the difficulties encountered when trying to create one composite file from two or more separate address files. In particular, the various files are likely to contain different fields. This section discusses some simpleprocedures you can use
Oh yeah, and mind your .gov in that URL accidentally swapping it for .com might give you a nasty surprise that s not safe for work or mixed company.
Now that you have an understanding of how the code to load data using ActionScript works you can move on to more specific examples of sending and loading. In this example, you can experiment and build from the URLLoader class because it has a lot more Events than just the simple COMPLETE you used. For example, there is an IOError event that is called when the load or send fails. The code for various Events is pretty much the same; for your IOError example it would look like this:
Figure 19-4: The Flash Tools panel can be oated into any position.
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