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This pivot table is grouped by Hours.
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Reagents and Materials Sterile
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If your site does not include a Default Images Folder, you see the prompt window shown in Figure 9-4, asking if you want to copy this image to your local site root folder. If you answer Yes, Dreamweaver gives you an opportunity to specify where the image should be saved within the local site. Whenever possible, keep all your images within the local site root folder so that Dreamweaver can handle site management efficiently.
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Part II Mastering the Tools
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The Lang Pseudo-Class Hack
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Table 2-17 Project Log Options Menu Commands
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The spelling script steps enable you to check the spelling of a field, an entire record, or the found set, as well as to correct words and select and edit dictionaries.
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Suppose that the value in a field always begins with a letter of the alphabet, followed by a punctuation mark (but not always the same punctuation mark), a space or tab, and then some subsequent text, and your objective is to make all of the second and third characters consistent. In such a situation, Substitute( ) is less useful not only because the combination of characters to be replaced may be different each time, but also because you don t want to change other punctuation later in the field. (You re concerned only with the second and third characters in each field.) You can achieve an update with surgical precision using a formula such as
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$ curl -u $DEL_USER:$DEL_PASSWD \ http://del.icio.us/api/posts/dates
The text within a text field can be scrolled both horizontally and vertically with ActionScript. The TextField scrolling properties come into play whenever the amount of text that you assign to a text field exceeds the actual space available in the viewable portion of the field. For example, if you have 10 lines of text, but have a text field with a height of only 5 lines, you ll need to adjust the scroll property in order to view the remaining five lines of text. Each line of text in a text field has an index number. This index number is 1-based, meaning that the first line is index 1. Figure 19-4 illustrates how programmatic scrolling works with TextField objects.
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