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Adding a blog to your iWeb site
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Like Blur and Sharpen, Dodge and Burn go hand-in-hand as they also perform opposite functions. You can use the Dodge tool to lighten any dark or badly lit portions of a bitmap image. The burn tool, on the other hand, is used to darken areas of an image that appear too light. The options for the Dodge and Burn tools are as follows: Size: This setting controls the size of the tip of the Dodge and Burn tools. It affects how large, or how small, an area the tool touches. The size range extends from 1 to 100. Edge: The Edge setting determines how soft or how hard the edge of the tip is The valid range is from 1 to 100, with 1 being a solid shape and 100 being fairly feathered around the edges. Shape: Determines whether the tip of the tool is round or square. Range: The Range option list has three settings: Shadows: Causes the Dodge and Burn tools to affect the dark tones in an image. Highlights: Causes the Dodge and Burn tools to affect the light tones in an image. Midtones: Causes the Dodge and Burn tools to affect the middle tonal range in an image the tones between the light and dark ranges. Exposure: The Exposure value can be set from 1 to 100. If you want a low level of effect to be added, choose a low number; for those areas that you really want to modify, choose a higher number.
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Scheme 6.6
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Working with Frames and Pages
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When you choose File New, Fireworks offers to create a document with the same dimensions as the clipboard. Take your screen capture before you create a new document in order to automatically size the canvas correctly.
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2. To alter the dimensions of the canvas horizontally, enter a new value in the width (the horizontal double-headed arrow) text box. 3. To alter the dimensions of the canvas vertically, enter a new value in the height (the vertical double-headed arrow) text box.
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Exploring the Interface: Panels, Settings, and More
complete list of operators and some examples of their use.
Regardless of which selector you use, the syntax is similar: the selector, followed by a block of style declarations wrapped in braces. Each style declaration consists of a name and a value, separated by a colon (:). The style declaration should be ended with a semicolon (;) to separate it from other style declarations.
9 Integrated CSS Hack Layouts
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