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See 15 for details on importing sounds into your project.
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You can think of a Sub procedure as a new command that either the user or another macro can execute. You can have any number of Sub procedures in an Excel workbook. Figure 39.5 shows a simple VBA Sub procedure. When this code is executed, VBA inserts the current date into the active cell, formats it, makes the cell bold, and then adjusts the column width. FIGURE 39.5
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When creating a Web page, Webmasters do two things repeatedly: They insert an element whether text, image, or layer and then they modify it. Dreamweaver excels at such Web page creation. The Dreamweaver workspace combines a series of windows, panels, and inspectors to make the process as fluid as possible, thereby speeding up the Webmaster s work.
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this.createTextField( tOutput , this.getNextHighestDepth(), 100, 100, 100, 20); tOutput.text = Formatted text ; var tfFormatter:TextFormat = new TextFormat(); tfFormatter.bold = true; tOutput.setTextFormat(tfFormatter); tfFormatter.underline = true;
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13 Creating CSS-Savvy Dreamweaver Templates
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Appendix C FileMaker Pro Function Reference
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10: Using Creative Strokes and Fills with Patterns
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7. If you want to turn off the movie intro, clear the Show/Hide Intro Movie check box.
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While you re at it, you may want to uncheck the other AutoCorrect options that you don t need. My suggestion is that you turn off these extra help features and, one by one, add them back as you need them. This way you can be more in control and will have a more finely tuned expectation of what you do and what Excel does.
Command Clear selected text or object Copy Correct Word Cut Key Del Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Insert Ctrl+Shift+Y Ctrl+X or Shift+ Del Del (or Backspace) Ctrl+Del or Ctrl+Backspace Backspace Ctrl+Tab Ctrl+Shift+F Ctrl+G Ctrl+Alt+H Ctrl+ (hyphen) Ctrl+; (semicolon) Ctrl+Shift+N Ctrl+I Ctrl+ (apostrophe) Ctrl+Shift+ (apostrophe) Tab Edit Find/Replace Find/Replace Edit Find/Replace Find Again Edit Find/Replace Find Selected Insert Current Date Insert Current Time Insert Current User Name Insert From Index Insert From Last Record Menu Edit Clear Edit Copy Edit Spelling Correct Word Edit Cut Comments Clears without storing it on the Clipboard. Copies selected text or object to the Clipboard. Option to Spell as you type must be on. Cuts selected text or object and stores it in the Clipboard.
The use of silica-supported Zn(BH4h is a useful procedure for the hydration of unactivated alkenes and alkynes. 559 The main products are usually formed as a result of anti-Markovnikov addition. In contrast to acid-catalyzed hydration (see Section 6.1.2), this procedure allows the transformation of alkynes to alcohols. A RhClrDowex 1 anion exchanger ion pair is an efficient and recyclable catalyst to induce hydration of acetylenes. 560 Whereas the soluble ion pair mediates oligomerization, this solid catalyst transforms phenylacetylenes to the corresponding methyl ketones in high yields. A highly regioselective, efficient, and clean anti-Markovnikov hydration of terminal acetylenes has been realized through the use of catalytic amounts of Ru complexes. 56 ! Typically, [CpRu(dppm)CI] catalyzes the reaction at 100 C to give aldehydes in high yields (81-94%). Triflic acid or trifluoromethanesulfonimide effectively catalyzes the hydration of alkynes without a metal catalyst to afford Markovnikov products (ketones). 562
View Extras Show/Hide Frame Edges (Control+ +H or Ctrl+H): When you choose Hide Frame Edges, text and graphics frames do not appear with a blue border. Additionally, an X does not appear in empty graphics frames when frame edges are hidden. You might want to hide frame edges to see how a page will look when printed.
numeric keypad. This sometimes works like the regular Return or Enter, but in InDesign text, it inserts a column break. I refer to it as keypad Enter in this book. In InDesign and many other Mac programs, it is indicated in menus by the symbol B.
How do you know when to begin inserting comments into your HTML code You know the first time you go back to an earlier Web page, look at the code, and say, What on earth was I thinking You should plan ahead and develop the habit of commenting your code now. Browsers run fine without your comments, but for any continued development of the Web page or of yourself as a Webmaster commenting your code is extremely beneficial. Sometimes, as in a corporate setting, Web pages are co-developed by teams of designers and programmers. In this situation, commenting your code may not just be a good idea; it may be required. An HTML comment looks like the following:
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