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If you want to adjust the gray balance of the photo, click and drag the Levels slider to the left or the right. Figure 9.14 shows the sample after adjusting the gray balance.
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Extending Feeds and Enriching Feed Content Finding and Processing Calendar Event Data Building Microformat Content from Calendar Events Building a Simple hCalendar parser Adding Feed Metadata Based on Feed Content Harvesting Calendar Events from Feed Metadata and Content Checking Out Other Options
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4. If necessary, add further conditions. The example playlist needs two more conditions (see
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Showing and hiding the status area
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var gateway:NetConnection; var gatewayURL:String = http://localhost/amfphp/gateway.php ;
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a Mettler, Fred A, Medical Effects of Ionizing Radiation, p. 215, 6.
This is your cellphone on steroids.
Within each topic, specific functions are in subsections. Within each subsection, the structure for each database is shown.
Part VII Extending Dreamweaver
Now that System 1 is in Free Skate mode, eject the UMD Disc from System 1. System 1 asks you if you want to quit the game, as shown in Figure 9-2. Select No, and press UMD disc and put it into System 2. . Take the
For more on the Save for Web & Devices dialog box, see 19.
Part III Creative Photography Hacks
In this chapter, you ve learned about working with the surface graphics on a Web page. You can also place an image in the background of an HTML page. This section covers some of the basic techniques for incorporating a background image in your Dreamweaver page. Add an image to your background either by using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) or by modifying the Page Properties. The Cascading Style Sheet method is preferred because it gives you additional control over your background image. However, older browser versions do not support Cascading Style Sheets; if you must support browser versions earlier than Internet Explorer 4.0 and Netscape Navigator 4.0, you are limited to changing the Page Properties.
onClipEvent(mouseMove){ if(this.hitTest(_root.mcInstance2)){ trace( A hit has occurred. ); } }
4. Click Done.
To use the tool, select it and then click on any selected stroke. As you drag away from the stroke, you ll see the width of the stroke change at the point. Figure 4.43 shows how useful this tool is in conjunction with the Arc tool for creating a banana.
You can download the ColdFusion files for configuring the database from the book s Web site (www.wiley. com/go/flashcatalystbible).
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