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Polyethylene produced by oxygen- or peroxide-initiated polymerization at high pressure has a density of about 0.91-0.935 g/cm3 and is called low-density polyethylene (LDPE) 04,206 The reason for this low density is that chain branching affects the crystallization of polyethylene: increasing short-chain branching (caused by intramolecular chain transfer) brings about lower melting point and crystallinity, and decreasing density. LPDE has a crystallinity about 40-50%, typically contains 15-30 C2-C S alkyl side chains (mostly butyl groups) per 1000 carbon atoms. It also contains long branches formed through (less frequent) intermolecular chain transfer, but these long side chains are more flexible. Typical low-density polyethylene has a molecular weight of about 100,000 to 150,000. The stucture of LDPE is analogous to that of linear low-density polyethylene (LLPDE), which is a copolymer of ethylene with cx-olefins (see discussion below). A number of processes have been developed to obtain products of different physical properties. The nature of the product is affected by the addition of diluents or other additives before carrying out the polymerization. Autoclaves or stirred-tank reactors, and tubular reactors, or their combinations have been developed for the industrial production of high-pressure polyethylene 06,440 Pressures up to 3500 atrn and temperatures near 300 C are typically applied. Linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE)440-442 is a copolymer of ethylene and a terminal alkene with improved physical properties as compared to LDPE. The practically most important copolymer is made with propylene, but I-butene, 4-methyl-l-pentene, I-hexene, and l-octene are also employed. 44o LLDPE is characterized by linear chains without long-chain branches. Short-chain branches result from the terminal alkene comonomer. Copolymer content and distribution as well as branch length introduced permit to control the properties of the copolymer formed. Improvement of certain physical properties (toughness, tensile strength, melt index, elongation characteristics) directly connected to the type of terminal alkene used can be achieved with copolymerization. 442 In principle, all Ziegler-Natta catalysts and Phillips supported Cr03 catalyst discussed before are suitable for copolymerization. However, since the reactivity of terminal alkenes is much less than that of ethylene, suitable catalysts are required to produce copolymers with optimum elastomeric properties (i.e., without crystallinity and the presence of homopolymers). The best catalysts are vanadium compounds [VOCI 3, VCI 2, V(acach] soluble in hydrocarbons with R2AICI cocatalysts. 443 A low-pressure, gas-phase fluidized bed process (e.g., UNIPOL444 and BP Chimie processes445 ) or solution polymerization is employed industrially 51,446 The latest version of the catalyst applied in Union Carbide's UNIPOL process is Cr03 on silica containing titanium and a fluorine compound. 447 The role of fluorine is to improve comonomer incorporation and achieve narrower molecular weight distribution by reducing the low-molecular-weight polymer. A slurry process with Montedison's "particle-forming catalyst" produces highly uniform spherical particles (average size 1200 J.!m) that require no pelletizing. 44s Incorporation of a small amount of propylene in ethylene polymerization lowers crystallinity, density, and melting point of the product. The copolymer thus formed has a narrower molecular weight distribution and exhibits better optical properties.
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Function Returns Boolean (true or false) An array of labels and functions, separated by commas An array of menu item names and unique IDs, separated by a semicolon Boolean Nothing A text string Description Determines whether the menu item is active or dimmed Sets the name and effect of buttons on the dialog box
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Like Date fields, a Time field can hold one time (up to eight characters in length), and it is indexed as a single string (if indexing is turned on for the field). You can enter times as hours (5); hours and minutes (5:12); or hours, minutes, and seconds (5:12:43). To enter minutes and seconds, it is necessary to enter an hour value as well (00:05:12 for 5 minutes and 12 seconds). When you enter data in a Time field, you should separate the parts of the time with colons. Leading zeros are optional. (Both 05:07 and 5:7 are acceptable, for example.) You can also append AM or PM to the end of a time string. You can set a display format for a Time field by using the Format Time command (see 6).
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2.9 Interactions between Fields
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Development Servers
14 Interactive Forms
A multi-scale star map from John Walker, based on the Yoursky server; The Hubble Deep Field. The Uranometria , a set of etchings from 1603 that was the rst true star atlas; The ROSAT All Sky Survey in soft and hard X rays; The NRAO VLA Sky Survey at radio wavelengths (1.4 GHz); The 100 micron Dust Map from Finkbeiner et al. The NOAO Deep Wide Field survey.
Figure 7-41 Oblique views of the heart.
Part III Advanced Design Tools and Techniques
STEPS: Creating the Data Entry Layout
To work efficiently with SQL data sources, consider adopting some different solution design approaches to compensate for the reduced data model flexibility. For example, one option is to provide an editing interface where the data is presented in holding fields (for example, global fields in the FileMaker interface file) and written back to the SQL database via script at the conclusion of user editing. Such a model where all changes to the remote data are made via script allows you to add calculations and perform operations on the data prior to storage. If you re working with SQL databases holding very large sets of data, consider defining your links to the SQL data via views rather than direct to the SQL tables, as views can present more manageable subsets of the data in large tables. Figure 11.14 shows the configuration at the lower right corner of the Edit Data Source dialog where you can specify the form of SQL data to be presented to FileMaker.
Using the Network Monitor
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