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In most cases, if you do not specify a value for a particular attribute, a default value will be used instead. The default alignment for heading or paragraph elements, for example, is left alignment unless you say otherwise. In some cases, a default value doesn t exist the framers of the HTML standard could not possibly guess what image le you wanted to use for the source of an IMG element, for instance. With some attributes, the HTML standard doesn t specify a default value even where it might be useful to do so. A horizontal rule, for example, does not have a default thickness, and each Web browser renders them a little bit differently as a result. Values are speci ed for attributes in this manner:
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In this chapter, the discussion of geodesics is limited to convex surfaces, which are those mainly used for conformal antennas. This is not a severe limitation, however, since geodesics along concave or mixed convex concave surfaces follow the same principles. First, some background in differential geometry necessary for the understanding of geodesics will be presented. The theory will then be applied to different convex surfaces, and closed-form expressions for the geodesics on both singly and rotational symmetric doubly curved surfaces will be given. In principle, these equations are ready to use in the GTD/UTD formulation when studying antennas on these surfaces. However, in some cases numerical computations of certain functions will be required. Special features of geodesics will also be discussed and figures showing these features will be provided. Finally, arbitrary surfaces will be discussed briefly. 5.1.1 Definition of a Surface and Related Parameters Let us first define a general surface. For the analysis presented in this chapter, it is preferable if the surface can be expressed in an explicit form, that is, the coordinates of a point on the surface are given by two parameters u and v within a certain closed interval. Thus, we assume that the parametric equations of the surface are of the form: xi = Xi(u, v), u , v , i=1...3 (5.1)
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I ll show you how to go through the workflow later in this chapter. First, though, I ll show you the iDVD interface and make sure you ve got iDVD s preferences set suitably.
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For the remainder of this chapter, we discuss the implementation of the Ninf-G system, and demonstrate the usage with a simple parallel programming example with the Ninf-G, along with its performance. In Section 25.2 we brie y introduce the Globus Toolkit; in Section 25.3 we discuss the overall design of GridRPC, and how each feature can be mapped on to lower-level Globus Toolkit features. Section 25.4 outlines the implementation of the Ninf-G, while Sections 25.5 and 25.6 illustrate a typical usage scenario along with its performance evaluation. Section 25.7 will conclude and hint at future directions.
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Live Data view
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To apply a style to the active PivotTable report, display the Design ribbon. Then, as shown in Figure 3-24, you can do the following:
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See also: GetAsCSS
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Another task managed by the Layers panel is nesting or unnesting layers. This process is also referred to as creating parent-child layers. To nest one layer inside another through the Layers panel, follow these steps: 1. Choose Window Layers or press F2 to open the Layers panel. 2. Press the Ctrl (Command) key, click the name of the layer to be nested (the child), and drag it on top of the other layer (the parent). 3. When you see a rectangle around the parent layer s name, release the mouse. The child layer is indented underneath the parent layer, and the parent layer has a minus sign (a downward-pointing triangle on the Mac) attached to the front of its name. 4. To hide the child layer from view, select the minus sign (a downward-pointing triangle on the Mac) in front of the parent layer s name. After the child layer is hidden, the minus sign turns into a plus sign (a right-pointing triangle on the Mac). 5. To reveal the child layer, select the plus sign (a right-pointing triangle on the Mac). 6. To undo a nested layer, select the child layer and drag it to a new position in the Layers panel.
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You can keep doing design work on the frames associated to an assignment such as resizing frames, adding graphics, and even changing the text s color regardless of whether a story s text is checked in or out. n
All ActiveX controls are included in HTML s <object>...</object> tag pair. Dreamweaver codes this for you when you insert any ActiveX control. Netscape doesn t recognize the <object> tag, and Internet Explorer doesn t recognize the <embed> tag when it s within an <object> tag, so it s possible to target both browsers with one <object> and <embed> pair.
The New project menu
6. If you selected Local/Network for access, enter the name of the remote folder in the Remote Folder text box or click the folder icon to locate the folder. If you want to automatically update the remote file list (recommended), select the Refresh Remote File List Automatically option. You also have the option to automatically upload files to the remote server when saved locally (not recommended) and to enable file check in and check out a valuable option when working on a site with others.
Part I: Flex Fundamentals
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