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If you select the Auto Refresh Highlight check box, InDesign updates the preview if you change any settings; if not, you can update the preview by clicking Refresh. n
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Creating Custom Menus
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Understanding How iMovie Handles Your Video Footage
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When your tracks are done, listen to the soundtrack without the visuals. It should be convincing and make sense. Don't think of sound effects as distinct elements separate from each other you are creating an aural world, just like the visuals. If a sound effect conflicts with the visuals, don't be afraid to take it out. If you've spent ten hours trying to make the perfect battleship effect, and it's just not working, take it out. If you leave it in, that bad sound effect will be there for you to hear over and over again. Even if you are not doing the recording, editing, and sound design yourself, the information we've covered should help you understand the issues involved with broadcasting sound in Flash, and will hopefully help you maximize the use of your time in the recording studio.
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See <table>.
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Adding Advanced Design Features
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Formatting Data Using Custom Formulas
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When determining sizes and locations of windows on the Windows operating system, remember that they will be contained within the Application window frame. It is preferable to calculate your window coordinates with respect to the application window dimensions rather than the screen size. You can do so by using the Get(WindowDesktopHeight) and Get(WindowDesktopWidth) functions. On Mac OS, Get(WindowDesktopHeight) returns the main monitor height minus the height of the menu bar.
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N arg2: Still more information about the element at coordinates X and Y.
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Testing is an absolute must when you re building a Web site. It s critical that you view your pages on as many browsers/versions and platforms as possible. Variations in color, gamma, page offset, and capabilities must be observed before they can be adjusted. A more basic, preliminary type of testing can also be done right from within Dreamweaver: code testing. Browsers usually ignore tags and attributes they do not understand. However, sometimes these tags can produce unexpected and undesirable results, such as exposing code to the viewer. Dreamweaver s Browser Targeting feature (File Check Page Check Target Browsers) enables you to check a Web page or an entire Web site against any number of browser profiles. Currently, Dreamweaver comes with profiles for the following browsers: Internet Explorer 3.0 Internet Explorer 4.0 Internet Explorer 5.0 Internet Explorer 5.2, Macintosh Internet Explorer 5.5 Internet Explorer 6.0 Mozilla 1.0 Navigator 3.0 Navigator 4.0 Navigator 6.0 Navigator 7.0 Opera 2.1 Opera 3.0 Opera 3.5 Opera 4.0 Opera 5.0 Opera 6.0 Opera 7.0 Safari 1.0
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Even though you do an exemplary job of selling quality merchandise or services, and you follow up to make sure your customers are satis ed after the sale, your efforts are quickly forgotten in the humdrum buzz of everyday life. A newsletter is one method many marketers use to keep their name and products in front of their customers. You can ask Web site visitors to subscribe to your newsletter using one of the methods outlined in the previous section. If you do ask visitors to sign up for a newsletter, tell them how often you ll deliver the newsletter, and make sure you adhere to the schedule. Sending a newsletter once a month is generally all it takes to keep your customers informed and interested in your products or services. Alternatively, you can assume customers on your mailing list will welcome your newsletter and just send it to all recipients on your mailing list. Figure 23-14 shows an example of an HTML newsletter sent through e-mail.
Inserting a Stored Procedure Using Parameters Accessing Multiple Databases in a Single Session
Step 5: Transfer the Videos to Your PSP
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