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n Using the Rounded Rectangle dialog box: Changing the value in the Corner Radius text field in the Rounded Rectangle dialog box not only changes the current rounded rectangle s corner radius value but also changes the radius in the General Preferences dialog box. Illustrator uses this corner radius for all subsequently drawn rounded rectangles until you change the radius value again. Now that you understand how Illustrator works when you draw rounded rectangles, the next step is to learn how to draw one. You can create a rounded rectangle in one of two ways: You can accept the current radius and draw or you can change the current radius and draw. To draw a rounded rectangle with the current radius, use the Rounded Rectangle tool:
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Getting Started with Excel
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Button CommandButton ComboBox CheckBox ListBox TextBox ScrollBar SpinButton OptionButton Label Image ToggleButton More Controls What It Does Inserts a CommandButton control (a clickable button) Inserts a ComboBox control (a drop-down list) Inserts a CheckBox control (to control Boolean options) Inserts a ListBox control (to allow the user to select an item from a list) Inserts a TextBox control (allows the user to type text) Inserts a ScrollBar control (to specify a value by dragging a bar) Inserts a SpinButton control (to specify a value by clicking up or down) Inserts an OptionButton control (to allow a user to select from multiple options) Inserts a Label control (a container for text) Inserts an Image control (to hold an image) Inserts a ToggleButton control (to control Boolean options) Displays a list of other ActiveX controls that are installed on your system
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Figure 12.24. Delays in power control and handover processes
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Transparent Mode and Translational Mode
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The ability to display or hide the name of a layout in the layout pop-up menu/drop-down list can be very useful. For example, if you re distributing a shareware template, you might want to reveal certain layouts only after users have paid the shareware fee. Similarly, there might be some layouts that you never want users to see. Hiding a layout by removing the check mark from the Include in layouts menu check box (refer to Figure 6-3) makes it impossible to select the layout in Browse mode. (It can still be seen in Layout mode, however, or displayed in Browse mode via a script.) Hiding the layout in this manner and setting appropriate access options can make it completely invisible to users or to a subset of the user base, depending upon the access level that you (or their database administrator) grant them. You can also hide any layout to which you don t want users to be able to switch. In a database that is entirely script controlled, for example, you might list only the layout for the main menu or the data entry screen, leaving the layout-switching task to navigation buttons and their attached scripts. This way, you can keep users from inadvertently messing up the database by directly selecting layouts that should normally be reached only as part of a script.
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Figure 11.1: A diffusing computation for the shortest p a t h
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Value Left and Top Width and Height Visible Name
Figure 21-43 Beam mounting for mixer drive. (Fasano et al., Chemical Engineering Progress, 1995 AIChE.)
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