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Blending in a pipeline can be radial or axial. The best designs create a high degree of plug ow, achieving radial mixing while minimizing backmixing. This
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f I ve done my job, the information provided in this book will be very useful to you. The book, however, can t cover every conceivable topic about Excel. Therefore, I ve compiled a list of additional resources that you may find helpful. I classify these resources into four categories: Excel s Help System, Microsoft technical support, Internet newsgroups, and Internet Web sites.
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Like the preceding memberships example, many types of data that are a familiar part of life that, in database terms, are a join table. For example, a college Enrollments table is, in fact, a join table connecting People and Courses. An Employees table is a join tables between People and Companies. The Tickets register in an airlines database is a join table between Passengers and Flights.
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= 5840 s = 97 min This is still much less than 10% of the mean residence time, so the jet mixer will be suf cient.
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The mnemonics, descriptions, and examples of key directives used in the KCPSM3 assembler are: address - The directive specifies the subsequent code to be put to a specific address in the instruction ROM. - Example:
Using the Normal mode (Window Development Panels Actions) provides you with a selection of preset scripts. Clicking the right arrow in the upper right-hand corner of the Actions Panel displays a list of options, including the Normal or Expert setting for your ActionScript task. You can choose from options on the Toolbox list, and Flash creates the ActionScript code for you. However, you can edit the code if you want. Using Expert mode, you are required to type code in the text box to the right side of the Action Panel. Basic Actions provide a list of built-in actions, and when selected, generate the boilerplate code displayed in the text box. The basic actions for which Flash generates the code are shown in Table 19-5.
In 2004, a new World Wide Web was heralded: Web 2.0. This new age of the Web was to facilitate interactive information sharing, interoperability, user-centered design, and collaboration. In the next few years several outlets for this new frontier were born. They included blogs, web-based communities, hosted services, and a bevy of social-networking and collaborative sites. It seemed as though the new Web was coming into its own. Except, this new Web was nothing new. Web 2.0 is built on the same technologies as the original and normal Web: (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. The only difference was that the new application of the technology was much more focused on social and collaborative features. If one were to follow the evolution of the web from academia, through business marketing, through personal use social uses would be the next step of the evolution of the Web. This step would be a natural evolution, not the technical revolution foretold. This book takes the position that Web 2.0, as de ned back in 2004, never actually took root. Instead the spirit of the use of technology on the Web reached a natural point in its evolution, using the same tools and technologies that created the Web. As such, you will not nd any speci c Web 2.0 coverage within this book, but will be able to employ the building blocks that are covered for a wide range of purposes, including social and collaborative online tools.
Setting the default locale
Figure 12-22: Dynamically update text/text area form elements with the Set Text of Text Field behavior. 2. Select the desired text field from the drop-down list. 3. Enter the new text and/or JavaScript in the New Text area. 4. Click OK when you re finished. Here s the browser compatibility chart for the Set Text of Text Field behavior:
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