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Interactive Forms
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Part III Working with Display Objects
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Pick up any publication, from Newsweek magazine to your neighborhood newsletter, and you re almost guaranteed to see sidebars and pull-quotes. So basic that you can even create them with a
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To use the Fade Image command, follow these steps: 1. Select an object or object group. Fade Image works with bitmap or vector objects. To fade more than one object at a time, group the objects first.
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Part IV Adding Interactivity With Flash, Forms, and Other Tools
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The FeedRelator class in Listing 16-6 starts off with a few class constants:
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When the final PivotTable report is created, you will see that there is one page field item at the top of the report for each page field that you specified in the wizard. Each of these has a drop-down list that enables you to access the filters associated with that field. The judicious use of page fields can be a big help in filtering large data sets to make the PivotTable more understandable.
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The Practice of Art Therapy
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Rotating objects
The polymer formed has a structure resembling that of polyisoprene. An exciting development in polymer chemistry has been the synthesis of highly conjugated polymers, including polyacetylene. This is due to their
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