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Figure 9-19: The Path Scrubber tools can turn a simple path into one that resembles one created with a pressure-sensitive pen and tablet.
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private function clickHandler(e:MouseEvent):void { dispatchEvent(new Event(ITEM_CLICK)); }
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1.3.2 Radio Network Performance
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Select this option to restrict data to the items in a value list. For example, you might have a Payment Method field that includes all allowable forms of payment in a value list (such as cash, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover). Linking the validation options to this value list prevents your salespeople from entering (and presumably accepting) other forms of payment, such as personal checks or other credit cards. If a suitable value list hasn t already been created for the database, choose Define Value Lists from the pop-up menu/drop-down list and create the value list. (See the section, Value lists, later in this chapter, for instructions.)
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Conventions Used in This Book
F/X brushes that create fire and fairy dust Image Hose that allows you to paint with photographic elements such as flowers
Exaggerating differences or similarities
A: = 0
Obtaining this format within an HTML document requires the following tag placements:
Using Automatic Video Stabilization Understanding how stabilization works 74
Table 7.6
Part II Web Design and Layout Fundamentals
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