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Boron trifluoride is another important, reactive Friedel-Crafts catalyst that has been widely used. Because it is a volatile gas but forms many complexes for some applications, it is preferred and can be readily recovered for reuse. Zinc chloride is much less reactive than aluminum chloride and usually requires higher reaction temperatures. However, it has the advantage that, unlike aluminum chloride, it is less sensitive to moisture and can sometimes even be used in aqueous media. 88 Concentrated aqueous solutions of ferric chloride, bismuth chloride, zinc bromide, stannous chloride, stannic chloride, and antimony chloride are also alkylation catalysts, particularly in the presence of hydrochloric acid. 89 Aluminum chloride loses its activity when dissolved in excess methanol but yields a catalyst when converted to its monomethanolate (AlCI 3-CH30H). On the other hand, the dimethanolate has no catalytic activity. Nitroalkanes (such as nitromethane) form 1 : 1 addition complexes with aluminum chloride that modify its reactivity and are used for more selective alkylations. 9o Attempts to establish a reliable reactivity order of Friedel-Crafts catalysts have been unsuccessful because the activity of Lewis acid metal halides in FriedelCrafts reactions also depends on the reagents and conditions of the particular reaction. A purely empirical order of some reactive metal halide alkylation catalysts was given as AlHlg 3 > GaHlg3 > ZrCl 4 > NbCI s > TaCI s > MoCI s established for the benzylation of benzene with methylbenzyl chlorides. 91 These catalysts give high yields and cause extensive isomerization. Moderate activity (sufficient yields without significant isomerization) was exhibited by InHlg3, SbCI s, NbCI s, FeCI 3, and the AICI 3-RN02 complex. BCI 3, SnCI4 , and TiCI 4 , in turn, displayed weak activity, giving products in low yields, whereas BF3 and ZnCl 2 proved to be very weak Friedel-Crafts catalysts. BF3 as subsequently found catalyzes readily the reaction of alkyl (benzyl) fluorides but not of chlorides (or bromides). An activity order based on the alkylation of benzene with sec-butyl chloride is somewhat different92 (very active catalysts-AlBr3, AICI 3, MoCI s, SbCI s , and TaCIs ; moderately active catalysts-NbCl s, FeCI3, AlCI 3-CH3N0 2 ; weak catalysts-ZrCI4 , TiCI 4 , AICI 3-nitrobenzene, WCI 6 ) Whereas n-donor haloalkanes such as alkyl halides are activated by coordination (ionization) with Lewis acid halides for aromatic alkylations, there is much evidence showing that these Friedel-Crafts catalysts in alkylations with TC-donor alkenes are active only in the presence of a cocatalyst (promoter) such as hydrogen chloride, hydrogen bromide, or water, allowing them to act as strong conjugate protic acids. While many successful alkylations have been reported without added promoters, it seems probable that moisture was always unintentionally present (either in incompletely dried reactants or in the apparatus) or that the reactions were promoted by hydrogen halide formed as byproduct during the reaction; that is, the reactions were autocatalytic. Acids capable of efficiently protonating olefins catalyze the alkylation of aromatics. The most active practical protic acid catalysts are hydrogen fluoride and concentrated sulfuric acid, which usually catalyze alkylation at 0-50 C. Phosphoric acid, particularly at higher temperatures, is also an active catalyst and has substantial practical importance (see Section 5.5.3). Other protic acids that are active in
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reciprocal link A link to a Web page that also has a link back to your own Web page. Hyperlinking is a common practice for building traf c among Web sites. If you want to establish a reciprocal link with someone else s site, put in a link to their site on your own, and then send them an e-mail message asking them to reciprocate. registrar An organization that is authorized to register domain names. ring A series of Web sites that are all interconnected with links that lead from one to the other until a visitor who follows all the links has gone full circle and returned to his or her starting place. rollover A JavaScript technique in which one image is swapped for another when a mouse pointer is placed over the rst image. See JavaScript. search engine A program that checks through a database of terms to see which Internet resources contain them. Local search engines are a variation of this; they actually read every page in a Web site to see if they contain the search term. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) An encryption system originally developed by Netscape that allows visitors to enter information into online forms and submit that information without allowing anyone else to read it. SSL is commonly used in processing order forms and other online forms that contain private information. server See client/server. SGML See Standard Generalized Markup Language. shopping cart A program that permits people visiting your site to choose which items they will purchase. The shopping cart metaphor extends to the capability to put items into the cart and remove them before making the nal purchasing decision. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) A common method for sending e-mail between mail servers. SMTP See Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. spam Unsolicited e-mail messages sent in bulk quantities to several addresses. Also, the same message posted to multiple newsgroups simultaneously. SSL See Secure Socket Layers. standard Generic term for just about anything that lots of people agree on. It may be a way to transfer les from one system to another one, the exact structure and function of a computer language, or a method of compressing video images. If a recognized, organized group develops it, it s called an of cial standard. If it s just something developed by the market leader, and it s used by most of the people in a particular eld, it s called a de facto standard. Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) A method for describing markup languages such as HTML.
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The intent declared with xml:lang is considered to apply to all attributes and content of the element where it is speci ed, unless overridden with an instance of xml:lang on another element within that content. In particular, the empty value of xml:lang is used on an element B to override a speci cation of xml:lang on an enclosing element A, without specifying another language. Within B, it is considered that there is no language information available, just as if xml:lang had not been speci ed on B or any of its ancestors. Note: Language information may also be provided by external transport protocols (e.g. HTTP or MIME). When available, this information may be used by XML applications, but the more local information provided by xml:lang should be considered to override it. A simple declaration for xml:lang might take the form
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The following code declares a simple DateField control:
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Not all sites are template-based. Dreamweaver gives you the power to strip all the template markup from template-based documents in an entire site. This command is particularly useful when migrating previously template-based documents to a site that does not use templates. Just to hedge your bets, Dreamweaver optionally exports the data from your template-based documents into XML files so that, if necessary, the data can be applied to a new template. The Export without Markup command handles more than just the templates, however. An entire copy of your site is copied to a new folder, sans template markup. Even the Template folder itself, with all the site s templates intact, is copied. Best of all, this is not necessarily a one-time feature. If repeated, you have the option to extract only the modified files. To export a site without template markup, follow these steps: 1. Choose Modify Templates Export without Markup. The Export Site Without Template Markup dialog box, shown in Figure 27-22, appears.
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distribution function bn (x) ; 1 F n converges as the sample size n increases bn (x) ! F(x), F with probability 1. The Kolmogorov Smirnov statistics p F Kn ; n max (bn (x) F(x))
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End-to-End Quality of Service over Cellular Networks
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Part III
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Capacity of RACH channel
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Sodium Iodide 123 Iu Sodium iodide 131 Iv Sodium iodide 131 Iv
The majority of this method is found within the for..each loop. This loop runs through each item in the video list response.
Now that you ve downloaded Cygwin, you need to install it. Launch the Cygwin setup.exe file and click Next to get to the Download Source screen. Select Install from Internet, as shown in Figure 17-2. Now set your install directory to the default of C:\cygwin (although elsewhere will work fine just make sure the directory is called cygwin so you can easily find it), set it so All Users have access to Cygwin, and set the Default Text File Type to Unix (as shown in Figure 17-3). Then click Next. Cywin asks where you want to deliver your local packages. Just keep the default, and then click Next. You are then asked how you are connected to the Internet (see Figure 17-4). For most people, Direct Connection is fine. If you have to use a different option, you probably already know that you do and you will likely know the details, or you should ask your system administrator.
as was used for Viterbi decoding. When decoding on a trellis, the branch metrics are computed from +bit metric for a transmitted 1 and bit metric for a transmitted 0. The first stage of decoding is similar to Viterbi decoding except that where two paths merge, instead of eliminating the less likely path, we compute a joint metric for arriving at that state by either route. The method of computing this joint probability will be given later. There is no need for path storage as no unique path is determined. The second stage is like the first, except that the process is computed backwards from the end of the trellis. To find data bit value for a given stage in the trellis: (a) For each branch corresponding to a data 1, add the forward path metric to the start of the branch, the branch metric and the reverse path metric to the end of the branch. (b) Compute a joint metric for the branches corresponding to a 1. (c) Subtract the joint metric for the branches corresponding to a 0.
l Click the Movies button in the upper-right corner of the Magic iDVD window to show
1.25 1.00 0.75 0.50 0.25 0.00 0 60 120
A=- 1
1.What about the fact that 8 kbps voice just does not sound as good as 64 kbps PCM voice 2.What about the fact that frame relay networks will simply discard any frames received by a frame relay switch that contains bit errors 3.What about the fact that frame relay network will discard frames sent on a DLCI above the CIR if the network is congested 4.What about the fact that frame relay network delays are higher and much more variable than PSTN delays 5.What about the fact that many frame relay service providers will not support frame relay voice 6.What about voice over IP
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