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def __init__(self, init_dict={}, date_fmt= %Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ ): Initialize the feed entry dict, with optional data. self.data = {} self.data.update(init_dict) self.date_fmt = date_fmt
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The Calligraphic Brush Options dialog box allows you to customize a brush.
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This image is 1504 1000 pixels, so I m going to reduce it to 33% of its current size, which produces an image that s much more manageable at 496 330 pixels. If the image seems very small all of a sudden, make sure you re viewing it at its full size. Choose View Zoom Zoom to 100%. 4. If you re so inclined, sharpen up the shrunken image with Adjust Sharpness Unsharp Mask. The default settings work fine, in my experience, and the image should be visibly improved. 5. Choose File Save to save the image with a new image name, in this case,
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karyogamy, nuclear fusion; (iii) meiosis, creating specialized haploid spores; and (iv) growth of haploid mycelia. Table 5.4 provides a summary of the properties of the ve major groups of fungi. Their common habitats range from soil to water to decaying plant material. One crucial ecological role of fungi, mycorrhizae (literally fungus root ), is thought to stem from coevolution with land plants. Mycorrhizal symbiotic relationships between soil fungi and root tissues lead to enhanced nutrient (especially phosphorus) uptake by the fungal symbiotic partner in exchange for plant photosynthate (provided by the plant partner; see Section 8.1). For additional information on fungi, see Dugan (2006), Xu (2005), Spooner and Roberts (2005), Lundquist and Hamelin (2005), Dighton et al. (2005), Petersen et al. (2004), Hirt and Horner (2004), Dighton (2003), Burnett (2003), and Kirk et al. (2001). Protozoa Protozoa are unicellular forms of life whose structures and behavior set them apart from the two prokaryotic domains and from other branches in the Eukarya (especially slime molds, fungi, and algae; see Figure 5.7). The biology and taxonomy of traditional protozoology (based on phenotypic
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If you have more than one child element, separate each element with a comma:
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Trying Out the Feed to iCalendar Converter
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Molecular recognition and binding events found in biology are ubiquitous, diverse and pivotal, but there are common themes and principles. In order to impart a avour of this, we will take a brief look at a number of interlocking but diverse examples of biological molecular recognition and binding events. These examples come from elds as diverse as neurotransmission, bio-catalysis (see 8), immunity (antibody recognition), autoimmunity, in ammation and chromatin condensation all the way through to the control of gene expression. Truly ubiquitous, diverse and pivotal!
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Figure 11.4. Uplink interference rejection performance in different interference environments. Interference is assumed to be synchronous on the timeslot level
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The really cool part about changing placed art this way is that if you ve placed transformed artwork, the artwork you exchange with it via the Place command has the exact same transformation attributes. For example, if you scale down placed artwork to 50% and rotate it 45 , artwork that you exchange also scales down 50% and rotates 45 . Be careful when importing artwork other than EPS images into Illustrator because TIFF and most other bitmap formats increase the size of your document dramatically.
var xmlFile:String = http://localhost/ch03/loadImages.php ; var imageDir:String = images/ ; function callServer(e:MouseEvent):void { var urlRequest:URLRequest = new URLRequest(xmlFile); var loader:URLLoader = new URLLoader(); loader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, xmlLoaded); loader.load(urlRequest); } function xmlLoaded(e:Event):void { var loader:URLLoader = URLLoader(e.target); var xml:XML = new XML(loader.data); var thumbContainer:TileList = thumbSP;
The following elements may be transferred across platforms, with any limits noted: n Color, tint, and gradient swatches: These are retained and may also be imported across platforms, both directly from other documents and by loading individual swatch files. For Adobe Swatch Exchange (ColorBook) swatch libraries copied from the Mac to Windows, be sure to add the filename extension .ase if it s not already there. n Color profile files: Although these cannot be exchanged across the two platforms, both the Mac and Windows InDesign versions retain color-profile information from the other platform s files. And if both platforms have color profiles for the same device (monitor, scanner, printer, and so on), InDesign applies the correct color profiles. If a color profile is not available on the new platform, you can apply a new profile or ignore the issue. (If you ignore this issue, the correct profile will be in place when you bring the document back to the original platform.) If you print with a missing profile, InDesign substitutes the default profile based on the type of color model used (RGB or CMYK). n Paragraph, character, table, cell, and object styles; master pages; and trap presets: These are retained and you may also import them from other documents across platforms. n Stroke styles, print presets, document presets, Adobe PDF export presets, and transparency flattener presets: These are retained and you may also import them across platforms after saving them to their own files. n Hyphenation and spelling exceptions: These are retained. The files use a filename extension on both the Mac and in Windows: .not for hyphenation additions, .udc for spelling additions.
Part V Working with Media
Information structures
P~ + Me
Validate Form
focused set. These protocols must be chosen so as to capture the fundamental mechanisms of sharing across many different resource types (e.g., different local resource management systems), while not overly constraining the types or performance of higher-level protocols that may be developed. The list of desirable Fabric functionality provided in Section 6.4.1 summarizes the major features required in Resource layer protocols. To this list we add the need for exactly once semantics for many operations, with reliable error reporting indicating when operations fail. Globus Toolkit: A small and mostly standards-based set of protocols is adopted. In particular:
Marine invertebrates
When you put your advertisement together, avoid superlatives like best , greatest , and so on. Ads with too many superlatives are red ags to experienced buyers. After viewing the tutorial, you re prompted to choose your keywords and maximum cost per click. 3. After choosing your keywords and maximum cost per click, return to the tutorial and click the Learn How button for Step 3 to launch the Step 3 tutorial (see Figure 25-6). In this step, you ll also set the maximum amount you want to spend, which helps you control your advertising budget.
Part II
The error message #NAME in my formula is cryptic. Why am I getting this message
The next step is to test the login component to make sure everything is working properly. The first step is to create a new instance of the LoginWindow component in a stand-alone FLA, or you can use the sample file found with the book s source code.
You can also use keyboard shortcuts to preview two different browsers by pressing a function key. Press F12 (Option+F12) to preview the current Dreamweaver page in your primary browser, and Ctrl+F12 (Command+F12) to preview the same page in your secondary browser. These are the primary and secondary browser settings you establish in the Preview In Browser Preferences panel, explained in 4. You can easily reassign your primary and secondary browsers. Go to the Preview in Browser Preferences category, select the desired browser, and select the appropriate checkbox to designate the browser as primary or secondary. In the list of browsers, you see the indicator of F12 (Option+F12) or Ctrl+F12 (Command+F12) appear next to the browser s name.
espite the new capabilities that ActionScript has brought to Flash 4 and 5, the Flash Player plug-in still can t directly import raw dynamic media at least not without a little help. That s where Macromedia Generator 2 comes to the rescue. For example, if you want to dynamically insert or update bitmap graphics in Flash movies, then you need Generator. Generator can do a whole lot more, so without further ado, let s get started.
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