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Capturing and Importing
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Quite often in tables, a column or row functions as the heading for that section of the table, labeling all the information in that particular section. Dreamweaver has an option for designating these cells: the Header option. Table header cells are usually rendered in boldface and centered in each cell. Figure 13-15 shows an example of a table in which both the first row and first column are marked as table header cells.
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It s probably pretty common for you to hear about an event you want to attend via an e-mail a plain old e-mail message, rather than an iCal invitation. If you use Mail, you can add that event to iCal immediately by holding your mouse over the date.You ll see a pop-up menu with two choices: Create New iCal Event and Show This Date in iCal. Create New iCal Event does exactly what it says, and Show This Date in iCal opens iCal to that day so you can see what s already on the schedule.
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Fig. 3-1: Draft a 10 10 10 cube. Select the entire object and right-click. From the menu, select Make Component. Name the new component Cube.
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To create a basic extrusion on an object, follow these steps:
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Part IV
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Part III Remixing Feeds
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Figure 17.2 shows three instances of the resulting non-modal pop-up window. This is possible because the user can click multiple times on the background application without closing the Alert window. Notice that the application in the background isn t blurry and can accept user focus.
1. On the Layers panel, click the New Sublayer button. 2. Double-click the new layer and name it SubscribeToday (see Figure 19.28). This creates the layer for this section of the design.
The style directives discussed up to this point specify how you want the material displayed when the page is formatted and presented to the reader. The HTML language also supports what are called logical styles. Logical styles enable readers (and their software) to indicate what things are, rather than how they should be presented. The most common logical styles are <em> </em> for emphasis and <strong> </strong> for stronger emphasis. Figure 3-7 shows the results of using these tags.
With the database created and the tables assigned and filled with sample data, you can continue with the PHP portion of the application.
In this example, the category labels happen to be text. Alternatively, the categories could be numbers. Figure 4-19 shows the same chart after replacing the category labels with numbers. Even though the chart becomes fairly meaningless, it should be clear that the category axis does not display a true numeric scale. The numbers displayed are completely arbitrary, and the chart itself was not affected by changing these labels.
NETWORKDAYS(start_date,end_date,holidays) WORKDAY(start_date,days,holidays) WEEKDAY(serial_number[,return_type])
This program is ready to insert daily del.icio.us recap entries now. Figure 16-11 shows this program spitting out an Atom feed and Figure 16-12 shows an RSS feed. And, finally, Figure 16-13 offers a screenshot of how a feed produced by this program appears in Mozilla Thunderbird.
Clear All Effects
Importing from an Analog Camcorder or Source
You can apply a handful of preset fades and other effects to a sound by selecting the effect from the Effect pop-up of the Sound Panel. (For many uses, the Flash presets will be more than sufficient, but if you find yourself feeling limited, remember that more subtle effects can be created in an external sound editor.) Flash s preset effects are described in detail here: None: No effect is applied to either of the sound channels. Left Channel/Right Channel: Plays only the right or left channel of a stereo sound. Fade Left to Right/Fade Right to Left: This effect lowers the sound level of one channel while raising the level of the other, creating a Panning effect. This effect occurs over the entire length of the sound.
Hollow Cathodes
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