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Traffic Safety Administration, the mandate of the Motor Vehicle SafetyAct to achieve traffic safety would suggest that the logical response to the faults of detachable seatbelts would be to require the installation of air bags. ). 29. For example, DOT S interlock and buzzer devices were most unpopular with the public. Congress, responding to public pressure, passed a law that forbade DOT from requiring, or permitting compliance by means of, such devices. Motor Vehicle and School bus SafetyAmendments of 1974,s 109,88 Stat. 1482 (previouslycodified at 15 U.S.C. 9 1410b (b) (1988 ed.)).
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In the case of the <area> tag, using the alt attribute helps the user determine what the clickable area leads to, usually via a tooltip when the user mouses over the area.
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FIGURE 3-4: The same file is shown in a browser that gets the CSS Box Model right, Firefox on the left, and one that gets it wrong, Internet Explorer 5.5 on the right.
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The majority of online shopping malls, however, are really not what you think they are. They are simply sites whose Webmasters have signed up for a vast number of af liate programs. The stores in them are nothing but links to the companies they re af liated with.
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Figure 7.50. Voice-quality evolution with 50% speech and 50% EGPRS data. NO PC: no EGPRS power control, no 8-PSK back-off. NO PC back off: no EGPRS power control, 2 dB 8-PSK back-off. PC P0 = 3 and PC P0 = 6: EGPRS power control with P0 = 3 and 6 dB respectively qr code reader
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go a step further by also specifying exactly how many colors your GIF should contain, which can have a large impact on file size. If your image is just some black text, you can reduce your GIF to 4 or 16 colors with the same visual result but reap major file size savings. You can also choose different dither methods (to get colors that aren t in the Color Table to appear in your GIF). Here s where the different Preview panes can really help you choose the best setting for your graphic; GIF also supports transparency, so you can choose one color as a None color, allowing your image to have a transparent background (necessary for placing images on colored backgrounds). The Matte setting works in tandem with this. Anti-aliasing allows colors to blend into each other to create smoother transitions of color, but if you start off with art on a white background, you may see white pixels if you place that graphic on a nonwhite background. If you know the color on which you intend to display your graphic (that is, a background color), specifying that color as a matte ensures that the graphic blends perfectly into the background. You can also interlace a GIF, which means that the image quickly appears in a browser at a low resolution and then improves in resolution and quality as it continues to load. This allows readers to start seeing graphics on-screen even while the page is still downloading. It s more of a psychological thing than anything else. GIF files are becoming less and less common, as JPEG files have become the norm for most Web graphics.
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function submitHandler(e:MouseEvent):void { if(userName.text.length == 0) { trace( Please enter a name! ); } }
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7. When you re done, click OK.
For a more extensive list of character sets supported by major Web browsers, visit the World Wide Web Consortium s listing at International/O-charset-list.html.
var reCase:RegExp = new RegExp( abc );
It should be clear that we seem to have arrived at the opposite end of the scale from thin gratings (where mostly what concerns us is the spacing between the fringes on the surface and the profile of the variation in intensity or index; these gratings exhibit what is called Raman-Nath diflaction). Volume gratings like the ones we re discussing here exhibit what is called Bragg diflaction; we ve already seen some of the rules of this regime when we considered how to match the beam angles with the fringe angles in making transfer holograms. The distinction between thin and thick gratings is often made by looking at a parameter Q.ivIf we call the thickness of the grating t and the fringe spacing d
Automating the Automation
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Within each form is a series of input controls text fields, radio buttons, checkboxes, and so on. Each type handles a particular sort of input; in fact, the main tag for these elements is the <input> tag. With one exception, the <textarea> tag, all form input types are implemented by specifying the type attribute. The text box tag, for example, is written as follows:
Although the advantage to designing with layers is the greater flexibility it affords, one of the greatest disadvantages of using layers is that they are viewable in only the most recent generation of browsers. Dreamweaver enables you to get the best of both worlds by making
3. The message authentication code (MAC) is computed as shown in Figure 16.7 using DEA with cipher block chaining (CBC). The data in a message is written as the concatenation of k 64-bit blocks X1kX2 k k Xk. The nal block of 64 bits is the message authentication block (MAB); the leftmost 32 bits is the MAC, although its length may be larger. 4. Various types of X9.17 messages are de ned:
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