Establishing Connections and Recordsets in Java

Insert code-128b in Java Establishing Connections and Recordsets

The colors assigned to each of the <div> backgrounds are random and can t be predefined. A new set of colors is used every time you toggle CSS Layout Backgrounds into view.
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FileMaker Pro 8 provides over 125 steps (we count 132) you can use individually or in combination with other steps to form a script. The following sections provide detailed explanations of each step, including the ways in which the available options affect the step. For additional information on a menu-related script step, refer to the chapter in which the equivalent menu command is discussed.
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Figure 24-1: Director works mainly with bitmaps and video and enables multimedia programming and 3D visualizations. One of the primary differences between Director and Flash is the supported graphic formats. Director is generally better for bitmap graphics, in which each pixel is mapped to a specific color; both GIF and JPEG formats use bitmap graphics. Flash, on the other hand, uses primarily vector graphics, which are drawing elements described mathematically. Because vector graphics use a description of a drawing a blue circle with a radius of 2.5 centimeters, for
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lthough you may not know what they re called, you re used to seeing en bullets, the small round bullet ( ) included in most typefaces. But you re not limited to using this character. You can use any character in the body text font, or you can switch to a symbol or pi font and choose a more decorative character. Zapf Dingbats and Wingdings are the most common symbol fonts, offering an array of boxes, arrows, crosses, stars, and check marks. These can be cute and effective, but cute isn t always a good thing. If you opt for a different bullet character, make sure you have a reason and that it works well with the rest of the design. Check-mark bullets in an election flyer might make sense; bulky square bullets in a to-do list for a wedding caterer might not make sense. Note that you might want to reduce the size of the symbol slightly and that you might need to use different spacing values than you would use with an en bullet. Don t limit yourself to these two common fonts either. You can purchase many different symbol fonts to support different content. For example, you might see leaf-shaped bullets in an herb article and paw-print bullets in a pet training article. To use your own drawing or a logotype as a bullet, convert the drawing to a font using a utility such as FontLab Studio (see the companion Web site for links to this and other font utilities).
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You cannot nest comments within one another.
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You can also specify a size with the select tag, indicating how many items should be dis played at once, and multiple, indicating that it s okay for users to select more than one option. If a default value exists, add selected to the option tag (as in option selected) to indicate that value. You can see that in the simple preceding example, the default menu choice is (none). The textarea tag enables you to produce a multiline input box. Like select, textarea requires a unique name, specified with name=. The textarea tag enables you to specify the size of the text input box with rows and cols attributes, specifying the number of lines in the box and the width of the lines, respectively. The <textarea> tag has a closing tag, </textarea>, as the following example shows:
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Figure 5.5. The geodesic connecting A and B on a parabolic cylinder. Here, a = 0.5, = 0.414, and = 0.13.
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Disabled and read-only elds can be used to show data without the data being editable.
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Although InDesign provides several ways to add a graphics file to a document (all of which I explain in this chapter), the Place dialog box (choose File Place or press +D or Ctrl+D) is the method you should use most often. When you use the Place dialog box, InDesign offers import options for various graphics file formats that are not available if you use other import methods. When importing images, make sure Show Import Options is selected in the Place dialog box. Even if you re happy with the default import options, it s good to see what the import options are so that when a nondefault option does make sense, you re aware you have access to it.
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Creating an outline automatically
before the first procedure in the module.
InDesign CS4 Bible
8.11 You can easily edit the list of keywords to match your needs.
Associated with each running thread is a subdirectory of the /prog filesystem, the name of the directory being the ID of the thread. Each such directory is populated with 12files:ctl, dbgcti, heap, ns, nsgrp, pgrp, stack, status, text, wait, fd and env. So, for example, the /prog filesystem portion for the thread with ID 3516 will look like:
(numlhsrsh * numorders) / (numlhs * numrhs)
If the flush() method returns pending , it means that the user has been prompted to accept or deny the shared object. You might want to determine what the user selects. To do this, you need to set up an onStatus() event handler method for the SharedObject instance. The onStatus() method, if defined, is invoked for a SharedObject object after the user has selected either to accept or deny the shared object. Flash automatically passes the method a parameter. The parameter is an object with a code property having a value of either SharedObject.Flush.Failed (if the user chose to deny the shared object) or SharedObject .Flush.Success (if the user chose to accept the shared object). Here s an example of an onStatus() method definition for a SharedObject instance named lsoPreferences:
As noted previously, the placement of the backslash within the property name is important to get right. Don t place the backslash in front of any character in the a f range. If you do, the combination (that is, \d) is seen as representing a hexadecimal value. It is safest to always place the backslash before the i character.
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