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2 Promoting Your Site
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Part II
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Note You can use any of these methods to insert text fields in either Design view or Code view. When you insert a text field or most other form controls in Code view, the Tag Editor for the <input> tag opens automatically, allowing you to specify any attributes for the tag.
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Once you create the object, you can parse XML by calling the parse method:
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You can find the Group Selection tool in a popup menu under the Direct Selection tool. It first selects a path, then the group that the path is in, then the group that the other group with the path is in, etc. For the Group Selection tool to work properly, select the first path or paths by either clicking them or drawing a marquee around them. To select the group that a particular path is in, however, requires you to click one of the initially selected paths. To select the next group also requires you to click; if you drag at any point, only the paths you drag over are selected. For example, suppose that you have a line of bicycles that belong to a group and each individual bicycle is also a group and each wheel on each bicycle is a group and each spoke is a separate path. Using the Group Selection tool, you can click once on a spoke to select it, and if you click it again, you select the wheel group; a third click selects the whole bicycle; and the fourth click selects the entire line of bicycles.
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Calculating Value Generated from Mobile Functionalities Quantitative Benefits Qualitative Benefits Presenting the Benefits of Mobile Technologies Field Service Sales Force Automation Telemetry: Remote Monitoring Transportation Dispatching and Routing
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nce you ve become addicted to using feeds to manage how you peruse the Web, it ll start to become painfully obvious that a lot of sites out there have yet to join the party. For a growing number of modern inforvores, the lack of an available syndication feed is reason enough to leave a site behind and never look back. But occasionally, you ll find some site bereft of feeds that you just can t drop from your daily rounds it might be a Web comic that hasn t come around yet, or a favorite niche news site that s just behind the times. Well, instead of grumbling every time you feel the need to leave your aggregator s home base and wander through bookmarks, why not do yourself a favor and brew up some private feeds for all those antiquated sites Web pages built with HTML can usually be treated as just another XML format and you ve already seen and built parsers for XML and HTML formats in earlier chapters. In the worst case scenario, an older Web page might not be much more than messy tag soup, but you can even cope with this by using regular expressions and other means of text wrangling available in Python. So, why not build parsers for your favorite legacy sites that produce feeds for your own private consumption These parsers are called scrapers, after the practice used by developers dealing with legacy mainframe applications where data is figuratively scraped from character-based forms on greenscreen terminal displays and stuffed into more modern data structures and APIs. In the same spirit, you can shoehorn legacy Web content into feeds consumable by your favorite aggregator.
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Grid Computing Making the Global Infrastructure a Reality. Edited by F. Berman, A. Hey and G. Fox 2003 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd ISBN: 0-470-85319-0
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FIGURE 26.22
onClipEvent(data){ _root.gotoAndStop( output ); }
Using the Character objects
Searching for duplicate records
Figure 15-59 Outline of general approach to practical dust explosion protection. (From Eckhoff, 1991, modi ed and extended version according to Field 1982.)
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Now that you ve gotten yourself an account on, and you ve successfully installed the bookmarklets, you re ready to start sharing links. Browse to a site any site besides itself and click the remember this bookmarklet. You should shortly see a page like Figure 1-5. Thanks to the JavaScript code in the bookmarklet, this page comes pre-populated with the URL and page title found from the previous page. From here, you can optionally supply a bit of extended description for this URL some people fill this in with a quote lifted from the page, while others supply their own commentary or witticisms.
Calculating Mode Using Standard SQL
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