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n The Relationships Graph is like an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD). In some respects, the FileMaker Pro Relationships Graph resembles an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) commonly used to represent the essential elements of a data model. However, don t assume that you can treat the Relationships Graph as an ERD because of the need to represent tables multiple times on FileMaker s Relationships Graph to avoid circular references (direct or indirect) and to support various navigation and interface requirements neither of which is required in an Entity Relationship Diagram. Thus, the similarities are mostly superficial and are not generally helpful for understanding how best to use the Relationships Graph in FileMaker. n There is one best or correct way of doing anything. One of the defining characteristics of FileMaker Pro is its flexibility. As part of that, you can frequently approach a problem in more than one way sometimes many different ways. The first way that occurs to you may not be the best way for your particular situation. The way that is suggested in the manual or Help documentation or in a forum post you locate via a search engine may not be the best for your situation, either, though each method may work. In this book, I encourage you to consider alternatives and to be creative in thinking of some of your own but I have room only to cover a fraction of the possible techniques in a volume of this size. The fact that you ve selected this book and are evidently reading it shows that you re astute, discerning, and resourceful. So I m assuming that you re also eager to consider all the quirks and possibilities that FileMaker Pro 10 has to offer and to creatively adapt and apply the examples throughout the book to your own situation and your own solutions.
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--Insert Diameter -NSTARi0.36-cmInsert Diameter NEXIS .27-cm
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Relativistic Wave Equations
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Understanding the Benefits of PostScript
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Once you ve installed the application on your PSP, launch it from the Games Memory Stick menu in the PSP s Navigator. You can then use the keys described in Table 16-1 to trick your PSP into thinking it has a different firmware version:
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PivotTable Essentials and Components
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Photographic Detectors
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Creating Cool Web Sites with HTML, XHTML, and CSS
Typically, Flash developers use audio in a few discrete ways. Short sounds are sometimes given to navigation elements or triggered by frame events to synchronize with a changing visual element. Background music often consists of a two- or four-bar audio loop percussion or other rhythmically well-defined loops lend themselves well to this task that repeats for the duration of a scene or even for an entire presentation.
Understanding Illustrator s Desktop
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is a vector-based image format based on XML (eXtensible Markup Language), and it s one of the formats supported by Illustrator. Vector-based formats often have smaller file sizes than do bitmap image formats, so utilizing vector-based images for the Web can offer some important advantages in keeping Web page load times to a minimum. Figure 3.14 shows the SVG Options dialog box. To save Illustrator documents in SVG format, choose File Save As to display the Save As dialog box. In the Save As dialog box, choose SVG from the Save As type list box (Format popup menu). You can also choose the compressed SVG option to create an even smaller file.
Format selection
9 Hacking Selection Masks
Data formatting
I recommend that you add the Edit toolbar in addition to Standard to appear on-screen. From the VBE menu, select View Toolbars and place a checkmark next to Edit (as illustrated in Figure 10-5). Also from the VBE menu, click Tools Options and click the Editor tab. Make sure that a checkmark appears next to both Auto Syntax Check and Require Variable Declaration. It is a good idea to check all the items for Code Settings and Window Settings.
Saving a workbook as a PDF file
You can change the format of a data series in a chart by right-clicking the data series and selecting Format Data Series from the popup menu. In the Format Data Series dialog box, the options available to you depend on whether you are working with a column chart or a line chart. For a column chart, the data series format options are divided into several categories as listed on the left side of the Format Data Series dialog box (see Figure C-3). Select the desired category and the dialog box will display the available options on the right (as shown for the Fill options in the figure). The categories of options are:
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