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Figure 4-56 Trajectory effect expressed in terms of geometric optics.
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Figure 5-7: An outline using special <ol> attributes to display varied types of numbers and letters.
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SELECT item_lhs.householdid, item_lhs.lhs, item_rhs.rhs INTO assoc_rules_h_pg2pg FROM (SELECT householdid FROM orderline ol JOIN product p ON ol.productid = p.productid JOIN orders o ON ol.orderid = o.orderid JOIN customer c ON o.customerid = c.customerid GROUP BY householdid HAVING COUNT(DISTINCT productgroupname) > 1) filter JOIN (SELECT DISTINCT householdid, productgroupname as lhs FROM orderline ol JOIN product p ON ol.productid = p.productid JOIN orders o ON ol.orderid = o.orderid JOIN customer c ON o.customerid = c.customerid) item_lhs ON filter.householdid = item_lhs.householdid JOIN (SELECT DISTINCT householdid, productgroupname as rhs FROM orderline ol JOIN product p ON ol.productid = p.productid JOIN orders o ON ol.orderid = o.orderid JOIN customer c ON o.customerid = c.customerid) item_rhs ON item_lhs.householdid = item_rhs.householdid AND item_lhs.lhs <> item_rhs.rhs
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This site is quite complex, but the content has a definite layout. There s a navigational bar along the top, a set of self-identifying categorization tabs, and a high-level categorization column along the left side. Just as important, a search box is placed on the top-right. All well and good! The question is whether these basic organizational areas are carried through on other pages. To find out, I clicked Welcome from President Bush at the right end of the navigational bar. It revealed the page shown in Figure 15-4. This is an example of how not to structure the layout for the pages on your site. Instead of having a standardized screen layout and sticking to it throughout all the major areas of the site, Firstgov has created an environment that s actively user unfriendly. As a user, you are forced to go back to the home page to get basic navigational elements (and notice that no Home link is visible in Figure 15-4 to take you back). You have to use the Back button on the browser. To be completely fair about it, the President s welcome is actually part of the White House Web site, not part of Firstgov. Nonetheless, the problem remains: Visitors are taught to expect certain information in certain places on the Firstgov site, but after only one click they are facing a completely different layout. Instead, I d like to see the letter of introduction duplicated on the Firstgov site so that the site is visually consistent.
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When browsing, you can display records in any of three views: form view (one record per screen), list view (all records displayed in a scrolling list using the current layout), or table view (all fields from the current layout displayed as a spreadsheet-style grid). You can switch freely among the different views depending on your current needs by choosing a View As command from the View menu. Form view is frequently used for entering data. List view is commonly used for onscreen and printed reports. Table view is useful for examining the entire database or all records of a found set. Optionally, you can specify which of the three views are available for a given layout enabling one view and disabling the other two, for example.
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Figure 42-3: Choose File Create Projector from the Stand-alone Player menu.
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In this example, the <img> tag has two editable attributes, src and align, which are set to variable values: @@(monthlyImageSrc)@@ and @@(monthlyImageAlign)@@, respectively.
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Table 2-23 (continued)
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FIGURE 8-7: Producing an HTML version with BuzzBoost
Part II: Putting Illustrator to Work
If you need to move a segment of a curve, you can select multiple anchor points by Shift-clicking each one. By the same token, you can also Shift-click an anchor point to deselect it. If you simply want to deselect the currently selected anchor point, press Ctrl+D (Windows), +D (Mac OS), or click in the grid to deselect all anchor points.
Figure 38-3: In this process chart, you can see that the user watches a teaser animation, which is followed by three linear animations of the characters for the site. After all the animations have finished playing, the user can decide which room to explore.
4. Continue to define the road.
This section touches on infrared photography for beginners. You don t need to have a modified infrared camera to take advantage of the instructions and techniques presented here. If you have a film camera, get some infrared film. If your digital camera is even slightly sensitive to infrared, you ll be able to follow along. Plus, being familiar with infrared photography will help you modify your digital camera in 16.
The same vessel with a Rushton turbine at the bottom surmounted by two down ow axial impellers gave less compartmentalization and a mixing time of seven times the H = T single-Rushton value. The best option in this case is probably three up ow hydrofoils (such as the Lightnin A345). Even these give some localized circulation loops, and these dominate at transitional Reynolds numbers. Overall mixing time is not always the full story. There are generally some comparatively dead zones (e.g., in the bottom corners or near the surface) in an
10. PUBLIC -//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN 11. http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd > 12. <!DOCTYPE html 13. PUBLIC -//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Frameset//EN 14. http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-frameset.dtd > 15. The DTD subset must not be used to override any parameter entities in the DTD. An XML declaration is not required in all XML documents; however XHTML document authors are strongly encouraged to use XML declarations in all their documents. Such a declaration is required when the character encoding of the document is other than the default UTF-8 or UTF-16 and no encoding was determined by a higher-level protocol. Here is an example of an XHTML document. In this example, the XML declaration is included.
Figure 6.2 Flow control and congestion control in frame relay. The only other way to handle congestion is to speed up the output. Since most networks output at the maximum value at all times anyway (there is little incentive not to), the only real way to speed up output is to discard traffic. Of course, receivers detecting missing traffic that they need will respond by asking the senders to resend all of the missing traffic, and usually much more traffic besides, even though the traffic was actually delivered intact. Fragments of IP packets inside frame relay frames, for example, cannot be resent individually; all the fragments must be resent. If only one fragment out of 10 was discarded due to network congestion, the net result will be a load of 20 packets on the network instead of only 10, even though only one was discarded. This is one of the main reasons that congestion is better to avoid than attempt to alleviate. It should be noted that user-to-user flow control mechanisms must continue to function regardless of the flow control mechanisms used by the network. Printers do still run out of paper.
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