Creating Lists in Java

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Part IV
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Part I: Chart Basics
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If you want to have four columns, each one the same size, you could use the following code:
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Dataset: Also called a recordset. This term refers to the rows and columns in a data source. Data source: The location of the source data. It could be an Excel worksheet, a delimited file, or an SQL query extract. In this chapter, the data source for the PivotTable was simply an Excel worksheet. Drilling down: The act of double-clicking cell values in the Values area of a PivotTable report to create a new worksheet that shows the underlying data. Area: The PivotTable area where fields are dropped. It includes the Report Filter, Row Labels, Column Labels, and Values areas. Shaping the report: The act of customizing the PivotTable report. This includes moving fields into or out of the PivotTable, changing the area where fields are located, or applying a filter against a field in the report. Summary type: Also called an aggregation type, this is the kind of function applied to a group of data in the Values area. The functions covered in this chapter include Sum and Count.
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where the exponent is written as a 4-vector scalar product
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When you use the Place command to import a PDF file and you choose to Show Options, the Place PDF file dialog box shown in Figure 25.3 appears. In its two panes General and Layers you will find several controls for specifying how the file is imported. In the General pane, you have the following options: n In the Pages section, select Previewed Page, All, or Range to determine which pages you want to import. You can change the previewed page by clicking the arrow buttons under the preview image at left or typing a specific page number in the field below the preview image. If you want to import a range, use commas to separate pages and a hyphen to indicate range; for example, if you type 3, 5 9, 13, pages 3, 5 through 9, and 13 are imported.
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Set Text of Layer Macintosh Windows
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(CASE WHEN <value> = 0 THEN 0.1 ELSE <value> END) as <whatever>
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File recovery provides you with a fallback option if you encounter difficulties resulting from a system crash, hardware failure, and so on. However, the process is imperfect and is not exhaustive (see preceding section), so don t assume that your file is complete or will function as you intended after recovery. Rather than take the risk of running the Recover process, the preferable options, in priority order, are
Using InspectableList
This also eliminates many effects of seasonality. For instance, many cell phone customers sign up in the holiday season. Many pre-paid customers stop in May, which is four or five months after the phones are activated. These are customers who never replenish their phone account. This peak in May is not really related to the month of May. Instead, it is related to the peak in starts during the preceding December and January and the business rules that define churn for pre-paid customers. On the customer time line, the same proportion stops after four or five months regardless of when they started. A peak in starts, though, does result in a peak of stops several months later. Having the tenure of the customer in the customer signature rather than the dates themselves makes signature independent of such inadvertent seasonality effects.
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The type tools provide many ways to create interesting text. Type tool Type on a Path tool Vertical Area Type tool
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