Styling Forms with CSS in Java

Implement Code 128 Code Set A in Java Styling Forms with CSS

The next set of panels also shares a group:
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Template Expressions Computing Example
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4: Moving into the 21st Century with Cascading Style Sheets . . . . . 57
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var nInstance:Number = new Number(primitiveVal);
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Report Basics
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FIGURE 3-36: The Palette Options dialog box for the Navigator palette.
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Part XI
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Indicate keyboard input.
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Once you ve created required menus and configured them with the menu commands you need, the next step is to assemble them into sets. You do so by navigating to the Menu Sets panel of the Manage Custom Menus dialog and using either the Edit (to modify an existing set) or Create (to assemble a new set) button to access the Edit Menu Set dialog, as shown in Figure 18.12. In addition to adding or removing menus from the selected menu set, you can use the Edit Menu Set dialog to determine the order menus will appear (from left to right in the menu bar). To do so, drag the menus up and down by their handle icon in the Edit Menu Set dialog s Menus in < > list.
Getting Items and Values from ComboBox Instances
public function setData(i:uint, a:String, v:uint):void { ID = i; answer = a; votes = v; }
Incremental Counters
As I noted previously, a SERIES formula cannot use worksheet functions. You can, however, create named formulas (which use functions) and use these named formulas in your SERIES formula. As you see in 7, this technique enables you to create dynamic chart series that update automatically when new data is entered.
Sharing glyph sets
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