Generation ANSI/AIM Code 128 in Java CROSS-REF

PLATE 9. Differentiation capacity of DPSCs. (A) Mineralized nodules formed after 2-week culture under mineralized condition ( 100). Nodules are stained by Alizarin Red S. (B) Dentin-pulp complex generated by DPSCs after 8 weeks of transplantation (original magni cation, 400). Dentin-like matrix (DE), which has a tubular structure, is generated on the surface of carrier (HA) with pulplike tissue (PT). (C) Adipocyte differentiated from DPSC. Lipid clusters are stained by Oil Red O (original magni cation, 400). (D) Cells with elongated cytoplasmic processes are observed after 2 weeks of neural stimulation (original magni cation, 400). (See also Fig. 8.3.)
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FIGURE 15.1 Example of a code hint displayed in Flash CS3 for the MovieClip properties
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Figure 1-10: Web queries can access data from Intranet and Internet web sites.
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Part II Applied Animation Techniques
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A circle and an ellipse, using various stroke, fill, and opacity settings
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With XML, each section of the page is given its own set of tags, according to its meaning, as follows:
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//xhtml:b/xhtml:a[contains(@href, /news/releases )]
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l If you want to be able to stream the movie across the Internet, select the
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The Down frame, or Down state
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Event Type timer Target Element body or wml:card Description The timer event occurs when a timer expires. Timers are speci ed using the wml:timer element (see section 6.16). The enterforward event occurs when the user agent enters a body/card via a go task or any method with identical semantics. This includes body/card entry caused by a script function or user-agent-speci c mechanisms, such as a means to directly enter and navigate to a URI. The enterbackward event occurs when the user agent enters a body/card via a prev task or any method with identical semantics. In other words, the enterbackward event occurs when the user causes the user agent to navigate into a body/card by using a URI retrieved from the history stack. This includes navigation caused by a script function or user-agent speci c mechanisms. The pick event occurs when the user selects or deselects this item.
Whenever the author wants to bring something important to your attention, the information appears in a Tip, Note, or Cross-Reference. These elements are formatted as follows:
Part VII Extending Dreamweaver
Global namespace: Everything the user speci es is in terms of a global namespace that names everything: processors, applications, queues, data les and directories. The same name is used regardless of the location of the user of the name or the location of the named entity. Wide-area access to data: All the named entities, including les, are mapped into the local le system directory structure of the user s workstation, making access to the Grid transparent. Access to distributed and heterogeneous computing resources: Legion keeps track of binary availability and the current version. Single sign-on: The user need not keep track of multiple accounts at different sites. Indeed, Legion supports policies that do not require a local account at a site to access data or execute applications, as well as policies that require local accounts. Policy-based administration of the resource base: Administration is as important as application execution. Accounting both for resource usage information and for auditing purposes: Legion monitors and maintains a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) with accounting information such as who used what application on what host, starting when and how much was used. Fine-grained security that protects both the user s resources and that of the others. Failure detection and recovery.
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Part II Remixing
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N The branch at which it was opened (Central, Westside, or N. County) N The type of employee who opened the account (a teller or a new-account
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