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Figure 8.37 Set of Lineweaver-Burk plots for the ordered Bi Bi Kinetic Scheme (Scheme 8.10). Plot gradient decreases with increasing initial levels of substrate [SB ].
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restores any initial values you may have speci ed, such as text area content or selected options in list boxes.
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Reppe reactions, 381, 385 Retention, of configuration in alkylation, 235, 238 in epoxidation, 453, 454, 459 in hydroformylation, 376 in hydrosilylation, 322 in oxidation of alkanes, 434-436, 438, 439 of C-B bond, 318 with singlet oxygen, 465 [RhCl(PPh 3hl in CO2 hydrogenation, 94 in fluorous biphasic system, 814 in formation of quinones, 496 in hydroboration, 341, 813 in hydrogenations, 633, 634, 636, 637, 640 in isomerization, 187 in vinylic oxidation, 473 [Rh(COD)CI 2], in hydrosilylation of alkynes, 325 Rheniforming process, for reforming, 42 Rhenium in aromatization, 53 in metathesis, 699 in platforming, 42 Rhenium complexes, in electrochemical reduction of CO 2, 96 Rhenium oxides, in oxidations, 469, 524 Rhenium pentachloride, in ring-opening metathesis polymerization, 707 [RhH(CO)(PPh3 h]' in hydroformylation, 372, 374, 378 Rh-Ir, in aminomethylation, 394 Rhodium in aminomethylation, 394 in carbonylation of methane, 394 in codimerization, 733 in Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, 102, 107, 125, 127, 128 in homologation of alkenes, 253 in hydroformylation, 371, 387 in hydrogenation, 620 in hydrogenolysis, 660, 677 as methanation catalyst, 92 Rhodium carbonyls in aminomethylation, 386 in Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, 127 in synthesis of ethylene glycol from syngas,107 Rhodium complexes, 815 in asymmetric hydroboration, 342 in asymmetric hydrogenation, 639 in carboxylation, 391 CO2 hydrogenation with, 95
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1 Which of the following statements are true about radionuclide generators (a) The parent nuclide always has a shorter half-life than the daughter nuclide. (b) If the T1/2 of the parent nuclide is 50 times greater than the T1 /2 of the daughter nuclide the equilibrium portion of the activity curve is basically at and is categorized as secular equilibrium. (c) The parent nuclide is less tightly bound to the column than the daughter nuclide. (d) All of the above. (e) None of the above. 2 True or false: During an equilibrium state within a 99 Mo 99mTc generator the total activity of 99mTc is always less than the total activity of 99 Mo because 14% of 99 Mo decays directly to 99Tc, bypassing the metastable state. 3 Associate each of the following terms (a) through (k) with the most appropriate of the
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Table 14-4 lists the three basic text operators.
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In film editor s lingo, to synchronize, or sync, means to precisely match picture to sound. It s a conjunction of the Greek words syn, meaning with, and chronos, meaning time. In Flash, sound is synchronized to the visual content of the timeline. Flash sync affords several options for the manner in which the audio component is related to animation on the timeline. Each of these sync options is appropriate for particular uses, which are discussed in the following section.
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Part V: Build a Complete Project
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When I m using tables for my layouts, I tend to nest the table containing the navigation bar inside the cell of another table. If the outer table has a percentage-based width, say 95%, this technique results in a fluid design that resizes and realigns well to match the user s browserwindow width.
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Many animators use a mirror placed nearby and mouth (act out) the words they are trying to draw. This is extremely helpful when learning to do lip-sync. It is also of great help in mastering facial expressions. Just try not to get too wrapped up in drawing every nuance you see. Sometimes less is more. After you get over feeling a bit foolish about talking to yourself in the mirror you ll be on your way to animating good expressive lip-synced sequences. Another trick that you can use to ease the load is to reuse lip-sync. Do this by copying frames from previous stretches of mouth movements to new locations where the words are the same, and then tweak the copied parts to fit the new dialog. Still, there is no magic lip-sync button. Even with all these tricks, effective lip-syncing is hard work. It s also one of the more tedious tasks in animation, as it demands a great deal of practice to get it right.
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In the Character panel s Baseline Shift field, press Shift while clicking to multiply the increment by ten. In the Character panel s Kerning and Tracking fields, hold the or Ctrl key (or the Option or Alt key) to multiply the increment by ten, or hold Shift to multiply the increment by 25.
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Protocol 4.6. Mitomycin C Treatment of END2 Cells for hESC Coculture Reagents and Materials Sterile or aseptically prepared END2 cells can be obtained from Christine Mummery at the Hubrecht Laboratory after completion of a Material Transfer Agreement (www.niob.knaw.nl), e-mail: christin@niob.knaw.nl END2 culture medium (see Section Mitomycin C stock, 2 mg/mL PBSA Trypsin/EDTA Tissue culture ask, 25 cm2 , coated with 0.1% gelatin (see Section 4.3.4). Tissue culture ask, 175 cm2 , coated with 0.1% gelatin (see Section 4.3.4). Multiwell plates, 12-well, coated with 0.1% gelatin (see Section 4.3.4). Coverslips treated with 0.1% gelatin, in a 12-well plate (see Section 4.3.4). Procedure (a) On day 1 (preferably Monday), seed a 25-cm2 tissue culture ask coated with 0.1% gelatin with END2 cells in END2 culture medium (see Section END2 cells should be split 1:8 from a con uent ask. (b) On day 5, seed a 175-cm2 ask coated with 0.1% gelatin with END2 cells, using all the cells from the previous 25 cm2 ask (c) On day 8, the 175-cm2 ask should be 100% con uent and is ready for mitomycin C treatment, as described for MEFs (see above). (d) Add mitomycin C, 5 L/mL medium from 2 mg/mL stock solution to the culture medium to give a nal concentration of 10 g/mL. 3 (e) Incubate asks at 37 C for at least 2 4 h, 3 h maximum. (f) Aspirate medium; wash wells once with END2 culture medium, followed by two washes with PBSA Caution: the waste containing mitomycin C is highly toxic (g) Trypsinize and count the cells. (h) Resuspend the cells in END2 culture medium.
5. Click Guest Account in the accounts list. The Guest settings appear. 6. Select the Allow guests to connect to shared folders option. This setting turns on
Part I
C H A P T E R 14
parity stream 1 I
Getting Online: Configuring Your PSP for Networking
Note You cannot access the floating frame command while you are in Design view. If you are in Code and Design view, the cursor must be in the Code window for the command to be available.
Figure 5-3: A bulleted list.
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